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In this section you’ll find articles on the various esoteric aspects of the Gnostic doctrine as delivered by V.M Samael Aun Weor. These articles usually quote the doctrine and include complementary additions, such as further explanation, examples, diagrams and reflections.

Articles in this category can be found to be about topics related to the fields of mysticism, magic, astrology, Kabbalah, past lives, astral unfolding, etc. As a final note, articles in this section are of a doctrinal and practical nature.

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Sanskrit Mantra


The word mantra is a compound word made up of the two words manas and tra.

So then we have manas meaning mind and tra coming from the Snaskrit word for ‘to try’ – ‘free from’.

In effect the word mantra which is a Sanskrit word, means a tool or artifice used by the mind to free one from the mind, or in other words, a tool that the essence can get the mind of the person to recite to get the same essence free from the mind.

Mantra OM in Sanskrit

Spiritual Formulas

Mantras are spiritual formulas that produce specific kinds of results. Some mantras have been hidden for many thousands of years and now and then they escape from within their veil of secrecy to become known to those needing special tools to fulfil special purposes.

Master Samael certainly revealed many special mantras to help us in many ways.

Sanskrit Mantra

Hebrew and Sanskrit are two very special languages, because they are energy based or sound based. They are different to the Western languages such as English, Spanish, German etc. which are meaning based. That is sounds that mean something, rather than sounds that do something as it is with Sanskrit and Hebrew.

Because Sanskrit is an energy based language many of the Sanskrit mantras can not be translated. The mantras can only be recited and felt and from there we can learn what they do, but to break down the Sanskrit word into English words sometimes is just possible because Sanskrit is not a meaning based language.

It has been said that the use of mantras in Sanskrit dates back 7000 to 8000 years ago. It is laos said that Sanskrit mantra was used before writing came to be used.

Because Sanskrit is an energy based language it is effectively and when one recite a mantra one is tapping into the same building blocks that made creation possible.


Because sound made creation possible, the building blocks so to speak of creation are in sound. So each mantra is a building block of creation or has a function in creation. Every mantra creates, though in very different ways. Some mantras destroy, though in doing so they are creating.

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