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In this page you will find articles related to the Divine spark that dwells within each human being, and how that spark develops to become what is called soul.

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Article 1:What is the Soul?
Article 2:Essence of the Human Being

What is the Soul?


The Absolute is the answer to question: “where does Divinity, love, consciousness, life and creation all come from?”. The Absolute is the mysterious origin of all these things, yet as Master Samael says, it is that which itself has no origin, that is, no beginning or end. It is something that is beyond creation and beyond life.

What is most relevant for us to take from all this is that, our origin too and our very final destination was and will be the Absolute. The following excerpt by Master Samael describes in more eloquent detail what the Absolute is.


“The Absolute is the Being of all Beings. The Absolute is that which is, has always been, and always will be. It expresses as abstract absolute movement and repose. It is the cause of Spirit and of matter, but is neither one nor the other. The Absolute is beyond the mind; and the mind cannot understand it because what we must do is intuit its nature.

The Absolute is beyond conditioned life. Beyond that which is relative is the Real Being, (He). He is Non-Being because He does not retain any relationship whatsoever with our concepts, but is however, “The Real Being”. Because we do not understand this intellectually, for us all of this is as Non-Being, although it is the Real Being of Being.

To be is better than to exist, and the reason for Being of the Being is the Being itself. Our legitimate existence is in the Absolute, which is a Non- Being; to the human reason a non-existence.

The Absolute is not a God, and is neither a Divine nor human individual; it would be absurd to give form to that which does not have form; it would be nonsensical to attempt to anthropomorphise space.

The Absolute is certainly unconditioned and eternal abstract space, far beyond Gods and men. The Absolute is uncreated Light which casts no shadow anywhere during the profound night of the Great Pralaya.

The Absolute is beyond time, number and measure; beyond weight, chance, beyond form, fire, light and darkness. Nonetheless, it is fire and uncreated light.”

Excerpt from “Tarot and Kabbalah” by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


As Master Samael says the Absolute is that which has no form, no shape, nor dimensions, and is that which can not be counted or weighed. It has no colour, and it is not deep dark space as we know it. It is rather an abstract form of space. Overall, the Absolute is something way beyond anything that we can conceive with our mind, however it is worth knowing about, because if we have come from there, there must be a way for us to know it.

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Essence of the Human Being

Abstract and Impractical Perhaps

Naturally the topic of the Absolute is a very abstract subject, and one that is seemingly impossible to grasp with our mind. After all, how can the finite (our mind) grasp the infinite, impossible! Despite this, commonly we regard the absolute as something so very far away and the study of the Absolute as something impractical. However, from a knowledge point of view, it is very useful to study the Absolute. The following sections describe why.

Origin and Destination

Why is it useful to study the Absolute? An answer is, because the Absolute is the very initial origin and the very final resting point of us all. The Absolute answers those two very fundamental questions that none of us seem to have an answer for: “where have we come from?” and “where are we going?”. We have come from the Absolute and at some point we are going back there. It is our greatest Alpha and Omega.

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All Encompassing

The Absolute is the cause of all things and the Absolute encompasses all. There is nothing that is outside of the Absolute. Just as the name suggests, the Absolute is the Absolute, and there is nothing beyond it or greater than it.

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