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In this section you’ll find articles on the various esoteric aspects of the Gnostic doctrine as delivered by V.M Samael Aun Weor. These articles usually quote the doctrine and include complementary additions, such as further explanation, examples, diagrams and reflections.

Articles in this category can be found to be about topics related to the fields of mysticism, magic, astrology, Kabbalah, past lives, astral unfolding, etc. As a final note, articles in this section are of a doctrinal and practical nature.

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Article 1:Blood - Esoteric Significance
Article 2:Ida and Pingala
Article 3:The Vital Body
Article 4:Nervous System
Article 5:Kundabuffer
Article 6:Chakras and Churches
Article 7:The Heart

Blood - Esoteric Significance


There is something very special about it. It is not like saliva or some other fluids within the body. It though like saliva serves a particular function but it is very special.

It is certainly an agent of life within us. Without it our body remains lifeless. When we “bleed out” we lose life.

Esoterically speaking it is what absorbs prana and moves prana around our body. Even within blood is prana, the great substance of life and that is why when we ‘bleed out’ we lose life or prana and the ability to bring and move prana around our body.

Blood Red Coloured Vase


Blood actually is fluid life; it absorbs oxygen - the breath of life through our lungs. When it absorbs oxygen it is renewed. It goes from being blue red in colour to pure red.

Blood nourishes the organs and all the parts of the body. It having absorbed oxygen is transformed and is able to give nourishment to the rest of the body. It fulfils the function of absorbing materials from the outer world and passing them onto the inner world. It is like an intermediatry between the external and the internal.

It is like another very special organ itself, that interfaces with the outer world and the inner world, an intermediary. Mind you that is why it is related so intimately with the astral body, because the astral body is a great intermediary between the soul and matter - the physical body.

Blood Introduction Image

We need blood it nourishes us and the body also deposits into it, certain waste products, so it nourishes and cleans at the same time, which are complimentary processes.

It attacks diseases or infections using the white blood cells, which are like little soldiers that are organised by teh innate intelligence of eh body into an army to fight the infection.

Blood is formed last in the embryo, indicating to us that blood is of very evolution or derivation within us. The things that form first are closer to the earth and are matter and the things that form last are the things that are closer to the spirt in us.



"Blood alone moves the wheels of history."

Martin Luther

"Who has fully realized that history is not contained in thick books but lives in our very blood?"

Carl Jung

Life’s Nourishment

“Even the most ignorant human being knows that blood is an infinitely precious liquid and that someone who loses their blood loses their life too. As long as it circulates within the body, blood is protected, as if sealed in a container. But as soon as it escapes from the body, for whatever reason, it evaporates like all liquids; that is, its etheric particles disperse into space. And these particles are alive: they retain something of the elements which make blood the bearer of life, and because of this they serve as food for invisible entities.

Yes, it has been known since time immemorial that blood has the property of releasing effluvia on which invisible entities feed. When people are injured, they lose blood. But since nothing is lost in the universe, while they do in effect lose their blood, there will always be entities to nourish themselves on the effluvia given off by the few drops of blood. So if you do lose blood, don’t let it dry, or don’t get rid of it, without having dedicated it mentally to the spirits of light in the invisible world, for they will know how to use it for their work. Nothing is lost in the universe; there will always be entities to nourish themselves on the life given off by a few drops of blood."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Quintessence of Matter

“What is blood? For Initiatic Science every drop of blood is a quintessence of matter, for it contains the principles of the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.

Blood corresponds to the life circulating in the universe, and within us it is the substance that most closely resembles the light. Blood is this life which St. John, at the beginning of his Gospel, wrote is ‘the light of men.’ Now light is the very matter of creation. The Genesis account reveals that to create the world God first called light. God said, ‘Let there be light!’ It is this light that is condensed in our blood. So we must be very careful and consider it with great respect, realizing that it is the condensed light, condensed divine life. And as the blood always returns to the heart, our life must return to the heart of the universe, the Creator."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


This is a scary topic: pacts involving blood. Pacts are scary let alone mixing them with blood.

There is a history and a definite topic in esotericism to do with blood pacts. It is present in various traditions as an “oath of blood” as blood brothers” amongst the North American Indians.

Mayan Blood Sacrifices


Pacts to do with blood are said to be irreversible. When the blood of two people are mixed, as in the case of blood brothers, it is a sign that that agreement has been made and that agreement is irreversible. Meaning one will stay brothers with the other for whole of life and beyond even.

When a pact is made, it means that we are swearing on our very own life, on our inner core which is true by nature, that whatever it is that we are promising will manifest and hold true.

Druid Blood Sacrifices

In vowels, pacts, or pledges there is the principle of truth and the principle of life and Being. What is true has to have a Being, and the representative of the, our truth is our very own Being and the closest manifestation of our Being is in our blood called the humbledzoin of the Being, which I will post about later on. OS we have something o g our very own Being in our blood. Amazing hey!


In short it seems, blood is used to make vows that are to be fulfilled. And it seems that blood is the most tangible element of our Being that we can bring forth into the pledge. This is to represent the core of your Being and also because blood is magic as it links people magically as in the blood pact made in the last supper.

The blood ritual that took place during the last supper, where the blood of Christ was drunk by his disciples, served to link the disciples of Christ to his astral body.

Blood and the Last Supper

The following excerpts from Maser Samael explain so very clearly how blood is a very magical substance and how it has been used magically in the past for very special purposes.

Last Supper

Excerpts from V.M Samael Aun Weor, “Perfect Matrimony”

In the following excerpt Master Samael brings to our attention the magic power of blood.

Magic of Blood

"There are certain tenebrous rites which survive from the most remote periods of history.

The witches of Thessaly celebrated certain rituals in their cemeteries or tombs to invoke the shadows of the dead. On the anniversary of the death of their loved ones they would meet before the tombs in the cemetery and amidst the most terrifying shrieks, pierced their breasts so that blood would flow. This served as a vehicle for the shadows of the dead to materialize in the physical world. Homer, the great Initiate, recounts in the Odyssey something concerning a ritual celebrated by a witch on the island of Calypso, where the cruel Goddess Circe reigned. The priest cut the throat of a beast within a pit, filling it with blood. The priest invoked the Soothsayer of Thebes. Homer tells that the soothsayer answered the call and was able to totally materialize thanks to the blood. The Soothsayer of Thebes spoke personally with Ulysses and predicted for him many things.

The wise author of Zoroaster said, “Write in blood and you will learn that blood is Spirit.” Goethe exclaimed through Mephistopheles, saying, “This is a very peculiar fluid.”

Last Supper

In the following excerpt Master Samael also describes how the last supper is really a blood ritual that uses the magical power in blood to link the astral vehicles of those who participate in this ceremony. It also gives the power to materialise the astral body of the master who has lost his/her physical body.

"The Last Supper is a magical ceremony of immense power; something very similar to the archaic ceremony of Blood Brotherhood. The tradition of this Brotherhood says that if two or more people mix their blood in a cup and then drink of it, due to the blood they will remain united forever. The astral vehicles of these people will then be intimately associated for all of eternity. The Hebrew people attribute to the blood characteristics of a very special type. The Last Supper was a Ceremony of Blood. Each of the apostles brought drops of their own blood in their cups, and emptied these into the chalice of Jesus Christ. In that Chalice the Adorable had also placed his Royal blood. Thus, in the Holy Grail, the blood of Jesus Christ was mixed with the blood of his disciples. Tradition tells that Jesus also gave to his disciple’s infinitesimal particles of his own flesh to eat.

“And he took bread, and gave thanks, and broke it, and gave unto them, saying, This, is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.

Likewise, also the cup after supper, saying, “this cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.”

In this way the pact was signed. Every pact is signed in blood. The astral of the Christ Jesus remained associated, united with his disciples and with the whole of mankind through the pact of blood. The Adorable is the Saviour of the World. This ceremony of blood is as ancient as the Infinite. All the great Avatars have verified it since ancient times. The Great Lord of Atlantis also celebrated the Last Supper with his disciples.

This ceremony of blood was not improvised by the Divine Master. This is a very ancient, archaic ceremony, the blood ceremony of the Great Avatars.

Every Gnostic Unction, whatever the cult or belief, sect or religion is associated, united intimately with the Last Supper of the Adorable by the pact of blood. The Primitive Holy Gnostic Christian Church, to which we have the privilege of belonging, conserves in secret the primitive rituals used by the Apostles. These were the rituals of the Christians who met in the catacombs of Rome during the epoch of the Caesar Nero. These are the rituals of the Essenes, a humble caste of great Initiates among whom was counted Jesus Christ. These are the primitive rituals of the ancient Christians.

These rituals have power. In them is contained all our secret science of the Great Arcanum. When we ritualize, we vocalize certain mantra which has the power to sublimate the sexual energy to the heart. In the Heart-Temple lives the Internal Christ.

When the sexual energies are sublimated to the heart, they then have the great joy of mixing with the forces of the Internal Christ, so that one is able to enter the superior worlds. Our rituals are repeated on all the seven great Cosmic Planes. The ritual ceremony establishes a secret channel from the physical region, passing through all the seven great Planes to the world of the Solar Logos. The Christic atoms of the Solar Logos descend via this channel, and then accumulate in the bread and in the wine. This really is how the bread and wine, through the work of Transubstantiation, become the flesh and blood of Christ. On eating the bread and drinking the wine, the Christic atoms are diffused throughout our whole organism and pass to the internal bodies to awaken in us those powers of a solar nature.

The apostles drank the blood of Christ and ate the flesh of Christ.”


So then magically speaking blood can give life here in the physical world to what is spirit, as in the last supper and the ritual performed for Ulysses mentioned by Homer. Blood used magically can also link the astral bodies of those who participate in the magic ritual.

Also in the last supper it was the real blood of Jesus and the apostles that was mixed and also drank.

Blood of the Lamb Washes Away the Sins of the World

Enigmatic Phrase in the Bible

There is this very enigmatic phrase in the bible to do with the “blood of the lamb”. It says that: “the blood of the lamb washes away the sins of the Earth.”

Blood of the Lamb

This baffled me for so many years until I found Gnosis and here below is what Master Samael says about it.

Excerpt From Master Samael (El Quinto Evangelio, page 1257)

“The flesh of the Christ is the mercury of the wise and the blood, I repeat is the wine, the sulphur.

The blood of the sacrificial lamb that washes away the sins of the world, is the fire, the sulphur that burns within the entrails of the Earth…

When we strike a rock with a flint, fire results, that is to say, sulphur…

The Christ is crucified in the world from the dawn of life, He is the fire…

What interests us particularly is the flame of the flame, the occult of the occult, the astral signature of the fire, the fire of the fire; this mystical fire that the vestals of ancient Rome cultivated, this mystical fire that was venerated by the Persians in the land of Zarathustra, the fire that they rendered cult to here in our beloved Mexican land, is precisely the Cosmic Christ, it is the sulphur of the wise, INRI..”


The lamb is the Christ or the intimate Christ and it is His blood that washes away the sins of the Earth, and his blood is the sulphur or the fire. To fulfil this phrase, we have to transmute, that is liberate this fire from our mercury or sexual energy and use it to dissolve the ego, which washes away the causes of our errors or sins.

Humbledzoin - Blood of the Being

There is another aspect to the esoteric side of blood and it is “Humbledzoin of the Being”.

Humbledzoin of the Being

Why you may ask why the term: “Humbledzoin of the Being”. This Because it is something spiritual. It is something that pertains to the solar bodies and comes from the higher orders of creation such as the mesocosmos (astral body) and the protocosmos for the humbledzoin in the causal body.

The solar bodies are the superior existential bodies of our Being and blood is about life and the Being is of the Universal Spirit of Life.

The following excerpts explain very clearly what the “Humbledzoinn of the Being” is.

Excerpt 1 - V.M Samael Aun Weor

“To fabricate the astral body it is necessary to feverishly transmute the exioehary , that is to say, the sacred sperm into creative energy; obviously, this energy, in itself is the famous Sexual Hydrogen Si-12.

When we crystallise this hydrogen into our cells and into the interior of our organism, it comes to take the shape of the marvellous and extraordinary astral body.

It is worth empathically affirming that this sidereal vehicle also has its blood and its functions. The Humbledzoin of the Being , that is the same blood of the astral body, the particles of the Hambledzoin, are contained in the blood of the physical body.

The Humbledzoin of the Being is elaborated by the magnetic vibrations that come from the planets of the Solar System, these magnetic vibrations are assimilated in us by our breathing and through our pores, it suffers within us distinct combinations until at the end it is converted into the famous Humbledzoin of the Being, into the same blood of the astral body which is the blood that circulates through the veins of the previously mentioned sidereal vehicle, but as I said we have to first create the astral body.”


Master Samael is saying that the blood in the astral body is the Humbledzoin of the Being and we also have particles of this blood in our physical blood.

Furthermore, the blood of the astral body comes from the magnetic vibrations of the planets of the Solar System. So it is a gift of eh Solar System – the Humbledzoin of the Being.

Excerpt 2 – Gurdjieff

“Hanbledzoin is nothing else than the ‘blood’ of the Kesdjan body of the being; just as the cosmic substances called in totality blood serve for nourishing and renewing the planetary body of the being, so also Hanbledzoin serves in the same way for nourishing and perfecting the body Kesdjan.

“It is necessary to tell you that in general the quality of the composition of the blood in three-brained beings and also in the common presences of your favourites depends on the number of the being-bodies already ‘completely formed.’

“Blood in the presences of three-brained beings may be composed of substances arising through the transformation of three separate independent what are called ‘general-cosmic-sources-of-actualizing.’

“The substances of that part of the being-blood which is designed by Nature for serving the planetary body of the being arise by means of the transformation of substances of that planet on which the given beings are formed and exist.

“But the substances which are designed for serving the Kesdjan body of the being, the totality of which is called Hanbledzoin, are obtained from the transformation of elements of other planets and of the sun itself of that system, where the given three-brained being has the place of his arising and existence.

“Finally, that part of the being-blood which almost everywhere is called the sacred being-hanbledzoin, and only on certain planets is called the ‘sacred Aiesakhaldan,’ and which part serves the highest part of the being called the soul, is formed from the direct emanations of our Most Holy Sun Absolute.

“Substances required for the blood of the planetary body of the being enter into them through their ‘firstbeing-food,’ or, as your favourites say, ‘through food.’

“But the substances needed both for coating and for perfecting the higher-being-body-Kesdjan enter into their common presences through their, as they say, ‘breathing,’ and through certain what are called ‘pores’ of their skin.

“And the sacred cosmic substances required for the coating of the highest being-body, which sacred being-part of theirs, as I have already told you, they call soul, can be assimilated and correspondingly transformed and coated in them, just as in us, exclusively only from the process of what is called Aiessirittoorassnian-contemplation’ actualized in the common presence by the cognized intention on the part of all their spiritualized independent parts.


So our physical blood is given to us by the planet earth and it contains substances which are useful to it, though within our physical blood is the Humbledzoin which is the blood of the astral body.

Master Samael says that the blood of the astral body comes from the solar system and the blood in the causal body comes from the Holy sacred Sun Absolute.

Either way blood is special because it is a gift to us from the Earth, the planets and the Holy Sacred Absolute Sun. Gurdjieff says here that if we have the bodies, that is the astral, the mental and the causal then within our physical blood there is the Humbledzoin of the Being belonging to the astral, mental and causal bodies.

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Ida and Pingala

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The Vital Body

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Nervous System

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The Heart

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