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In this section you’ll find articles on various aspects of world mythologies seen from the Gnostic point of view. All the articles have one feature in common, which is that they attempt to reveal to the reader where and how the main characters of the article have a place inside of ourselves.

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Article 1:Hades - Esoteric Symbolism
Article 2:Athena - Goddess of Wisdom
Article 3:Morpheus - God of Dreams
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Hades - Esoteric Symbolism


One of the Greek Gods often put aside for being the Lord of a very dark and dreary domain - the Underworld, is surrounded by some very interesting symbolism, which when examined in teh light of the Gnostic teachings reveals to us some very helpful insights.


Greek Mythology tells us that the three brothers Zeus, Poseidon and Hades after defeating the titans divided the realm of Earth amongst them. Hades became the Lord of the Underworld, Poseidon the Lord of the Seas and Zeus the Lord of the Sky.

So that is how Hades, myth says, became the lord of the underworld. Hades is often depicted wielding a two pointed staff in his left hand and in his right a tame and leashed three headed dog Cerberus. These symbols are actually very revealing and give to us the keys to the dominion of the abyss. The following sections explain why.


Three Headed Dog Cerberus

Master Samael tells us in his book the "Three Mountains" that the dog is a symbol of the sexual force. He says that the last labour performed in the "Third Mountain" is the work of taking the three headed dog Cerberus out of the underworld completely tamed and under the command of the hierophant.

The sexual force is an ally, just as a pet dog is in this physical world. The sexual force can help us greatly in our liberation and it accompanies the initiate on his or her path.

Like a dog it can be trained and stays obedient to that training. A dog is special in that it is loyal and obedient and can be trained. A cat can not be trained like a dog can and is not so loyal, neither are many of the other animals.

We give the sexual force the wrong training when we add ‘needs’ and emotions to it. We have to work those mental and emotional additions (which we can call lust) because the sexual centre becomes obedient to the mind and the emotion. We retrain he sexual centre by transmuting and by removing those additions of a mental and emotion type.

We think the sexual centre has needs but it is something in our psychology that has these needs (which are false needs), not the sexual centre.

Three Headed Dog Cerberus and Persephone

The three heads could be to do with how creation of any kind always operates by the law of three and the sexual force’s primary function is to create. The three heads could also represent the three powers of the sexual force which are to generate, degenerate and regenerate. This also reminds me of the three classes of sexuality which are infra, normal and supra, as well as the three uses which are physical, magnetic and spiritual.

Two Pointed Staff

The two pointed staff of Hades could represent duality and that one has to be in command of duality, that is not stuck in one side or the other.

To have overcome duality, one knows the good in the bad, and the bad in the good, and the work in the abyss shows us this. When one is free of the ego one attains this knowledge and when one is free of the ego one is free from one’s abyss and when one is free from one’s abyss one becomes a Lord of his or her own abyss, just as is Hades.


The symbol of Hades being the Lord of the underworld bearing a leashed and tame three headed dog Cerberus and the two pointed staff indicate to us that the maximum work of the abyss is the total command over the sexual force and duality. In others works the result of the having worked over our own abyss completely gives us the reign over the sexual force and the duality.

To be a lord of the underworld or of one’s own underworld one must have tamed completely the sexual force and have risen above duality.

So then we may be able to extrapolate and say that the three brothers: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades represent us or the major parts of our whole structure which are: Zeus the Being, the sky - the esoteric side of ourselves, Hades our psychology and Poseidon our sexual waters.

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Athena - Goddess of Wisdom

Birth of Athena

It is said that Athena, the Goddess of wisdom was born from within the head of Zeus. After suffering from an intense head ache, a large cleft opened in Zues' head and Athena emerged fully grown and battle ready.

The birth of Athena from the head of Zeus

This says something about wisdom in that, wisdom has a divine origin and has its centre of gravity in the first of the three primary forces (Zeus), that is in the Father. This makes sense as the intellectual centre is the receptacle of the first primary force. Wisdom in many instances certainly comprises a strong intellectual component.

Her Implements

Goddess Athena


The shield of Athena or Minerva displays the decapitated head of Medusa. This is a direct reference to mystical death, psychological death or to the death of the myself.

This may also tell us that mystical death protects us from danger, as it always does and that it, is the major levering point of wisdom and justice. One can not have justice or wisdom without mystical death. One is defenceless before wisdom and justice is one does not have some mystical death.


Athena is usually depicted with an owl on her shoulder, which is a symbol of wisdom, mainly because it is so alert, it keeps vigil during the night and can see 360 degrees and can see very clearly in the dark. This is an interesting allusion telling us that wisdom comes from having studied and transformed darkness. Because one has transformed darkness one is no longer scared of it.


Usually she is shown dominating a serpent, which reminds us of the tempting serpent of Eden, the hypnotic power of the Kundabuffer.


Her spear is a representation of the sexual force that is used in mystical death. This very interesting, the spear is a masculine symbol and wisdom or intelligence a feminine one, the fact that she has a spear indicates that the combination of the masculine and feminine is needed, the force (spear) and intelligence (helmet).

Golden Helmet

Her golden helmet once again emphasizes the intellectual centre or the consciousnesses as a key component of wisdom and that wisdom is acquired through the experience of liberating the trapped parts of the essence from its conditioning.

Sometimes, our particular Divine Mother can take on the appearance of Athena, as a wise and intrepid warrior lady hunting down the ego we need to eliminate.

Why a Goddess and not a God?

Wisdom is represented by a Goddess because, wisdom is more feminine in nature, it is about knowing, cognition, knowledge, understanding, comprehension of lived experience, memory, etc. It is inert in nature (unmoving) and is half of the solution. It needs to be combined with force or love to make a complete solution in manifestation. It needs something to be manifested, and that something is force or love. Force needs wisdom to be effective, otherwise it is purely destructive, and love also needs wisdom so to be truly effective. Even wisdom aids justice, as wisdom gives the faculty of discerning, measuring, weighing and foreseeing consequences.

After all, isn't the feminine naturally, instinctively more intelligent, wiser, more cunning etc. than the masculine?

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Inner Morpheus - God of Dreams


It seems that within us, is our own particular Mt Olympus or Roman Pantheon.

All the archetypal Gods of the mythologies that were portrayed to dwell in the outer inverse also dwell within us in our interior universe.

Greek Gods

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Morpheus, is the son of Hypnos, the God of Sleep.

In Greek mythology, Morpheus’ main role was to help people by bringing the messages of the Gods to them while they slept. He was said to have wings so that he could travel between the Gods and human beings acting as a kind of messenger.

It was also said that he had many siblings, where each sibling was responsible for provoking a specific kind of dream in human beings.

It was also said that he could take on the form of any human being in a dream. Just as his name suggests “morph” meaning form. Morpheus it is said would take on particular forms and walk within the dreams of human beings and deliver the answers of the Gods. Which is actually a very important function, because it is a way that human beings can receive Divine help and every human being needs divine help.

“In the arms of Morpheus” is a common expression saying that one is sleeping soundly and beautifully. Also the drug morphine derives its name from Morpheus.

God of Dreams - Morpheus

Within Our Interior Universe

Our interior Morpheus then is a messenger for our Being and the other parts of our Being. His function is to deliver the messages of our Being to us in our dreams.

Master Samael says that many times the Masters and the Divinities want to help us and they do so through dreams and for sure our inner Morpheus may play a role in this.

Master Samael says that our inner Morpheus plays an important function in the practice of the discipline of dream yoga whose final aim is the dominion of our dreams to such a degree that we may provoke them, control them and even wake up out of them.


Why not work with this beautiful part of ourselves before going to sleep, asking that He work for us delivering the messages from our inner Being about a certain issue that we may want an answer to.

When we wake up inspired, motivated and with new ideas, perhaps this is the work of Morpheus, having delivered certain messages to our consciousness from our inner Being and which this new inspiration comes from.

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