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Here you’ll find articles related to Alchemy. The articles are aimed at providing an introduction to the Alchemical work.

Article 1What is Alchemy?
Article 2:What is the Purpose of Alchemy?
Article 3:The Secret of Alchemy
Article 4:The Language of Alchemy
Article 5:Mercury
Article 6:Sulphur
Article 7:Salt
Article 8:Hermetic Glass and Alchemical Furnace
Article 9:The Four Colours of Alchemy
Article 10:The Sacred Fire or Kundalini
Article 11:Alchemical Gold
Article 12:The Practice of Alchemy
Article 13:Vile Metals and Arsenified Sulphur
Article 14:The Philosopher's Stone
Article 15:Mercury and Sulphur

What is Alchemy?


Alchemy can be defined using a few different means. One way is to define Alchemy using the semantics of the word itself. The word Alchemy is sometimes considered as an acronym and sometimes considered as a two part word. Nevertheless both versions when broken down give an adequate definition of Alchemy. These two breakdowns are given below.

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A Composite Word

“Al (as a connotation of the Arabic word Allah: al-, the +ilah, God) means “The God”. Also Al (Hebrew) for highest” or El “God”. Chem or Khem is from kimia (Greek) which means “to fuse or cast a metal”. Also from Khem, the ancient name for Egypt. The synthesis is Al-Kima: “to fuse with the highest” or “to fuse with God.”

Excerpt from the glossary of the book: “The Mystery of the Golden Blossom”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor, published by Glorian, 2010.

An Acronym

The word Alchemy can also be derived from the Latin: ALCHIMI, which is an acronym clearly described in the following excerpt.

“The laborious art which permits to convert, through the igneous humidity, the vile metals into Philosophical Mercury or potable gold.

In Latin, this word was written in the following manner: ALCHIMI: Ars Laboriosa Covertens Humidtae Ignea Metalla In Mercuris.”

Excerpt from the glossary of the book: “The Mutus Liber Speaks”, by Oscar Uzcategui.

A Science

“Instead of dealing with chemistry, occultism, and religion as distinct and separate subjects, alchemy has definitely taught the unity of all Life and Manifestation. It has attempted, and I think successfully, to correlate chemistry, occultism, religion, astrology, magic, and mythology, and to present them all as parts of the One Manifestation. It has attempted also to show that as the health and well-being of the body are as necessary to true religion as true religion is necessary to a healthy and balanced body, so occultism, elucidating as it does the unseen aspects of man, is necessary to both. By true religion, of course, I mean, not the dogmatic teaching of any one church or sect, but the Law of Life and Living; and by occultism, the manifestation of Powers working through and with Man to his ultimate perfection.”

Alchemy as a study is a science and when applied practically it is a work (Great work) and an art. The work of transmuting the base metals of the personality into the gold of the spirit is in its own right, a proper art. One has to know how to do this work it properly, making it an art.

An Art

Alchemy as a study is a science and when applied practically it is a work (Great work) that becomes an art. The following excerpt describes this in more detail.

“Nothing has been created as ultima materia – in its final state. Everything is at first created in its prima materia, its original stuff; whereupon Vulcan comes, and by the art of alchemy develops it into its final substance…. For alchemy means: to carry to its end something that has not yet been completed. To obtain the lead from the ore and to transform it into what it is made for…. Accordingly, you should understand that alchemy is nothing but the art which makes the impure into the pure through fire…. It can separate the useful from the useless, and transmute it into its final substance and its ultimate essence.”

Excerpt from the web page by Alex Soojung-Kim citing an extract from Paracelsus, Selected writings, ed. Jolande Jacobi, trans. Norbert Guterman. (Bollingen Foundation, 28) (New York: Pantheon, 1951), 215-223.


As the above excerpts indicate Alchemy is a spiritual art or science or work, whose fundamental aim is to develop the full potential of the human being, taking the human being from where her or she is now, to what he or she can be in all the senses, physical, psychological and spiritual. Such a development will allow the human being to fuse as one with his or her interior Divinity.

As a science, Alchemy is very interesting as it combines in one, chemistry, mysticism, mythology, esotericism and astrology. This interweaving produces a very interesting and special study, which turns out to be the science of human esoteric or spiritual development.

Alchemy is an art whereby the impurities are separated and discarded, and the materia prima of the human being worked and transformed until it is made into the gold of the spirit.

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What is the Purpose of Alchemy?


The reason why one would study and practice Alchemy is twofold. With one reason being to create and the other reason being to dissolve. As you would have gleamed from the previous article, Alchemy is a serious work of using the sexual forces of the human being to create and to dissolve. The sexual force has that innate power of being able to create and being able to dissolve.

Alchemy Purpose Image

With the study and practice of the ancient art of Alchemy one comes to be able to create inside themselves and to dissolve the false and unnecessary creations that also lie within. The following excerpt from the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, who was a tremendous practitioner of the Alchemical arts said in relation to the purpose of Alchemy the following words.

Excerpt 1

“As above, so below. Above, the nebula is needed in order for the worlds to emerge, and in order for this to happen crude matter is needed. The crude matter is the Arche, a mixture of Salt, Sulphur and Mercury.

Here below, within the Microcosm (the human being), it is also necessary to elaborate the nebula with Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. Thus, the existential superior bodies of the Being emerge below, just as the worlds emerge above.

We must make here in small, within the Microcosm (human being), what the Great Architect of the universe made in large in the Macrocosm, because as above, so below. This is how the existential superior bodies of the Being come to emerge.

Hence, it is necessary to create the Arche in ourselves, within ourselves. The Arche is Salt, plus Sulphur and Mercury. As above, so below.

The physical body, as well as the Astral, Mental and Causal bodies crystallize within the Microcosm by creating the Arche. The solar bodies are made with the third Mercury, which is the Arche.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

“The entire secret of the Great Work then consists of knowing how to make Mercury, how to create the Arche, which is the intimate and particular nebula from where our distinct bodies must emerge.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Commentary on Excerpt 1

The excerpt above is really stating that Alchemy is the means by which a human being can complete an inner creation. It turns out that we as human beings are an incomplete creation, in the sense that inside of ourselves as yet a universe has not been made. We are part of the universe outside of ourselves but within we lack this creation and organization. Alchemy is the work with the sexual force to complete this inner creation and thus achieve self-realisation.

The next excerpt covers what it is essentially through Alchemy that we create within ourselves.

Excerpt 2

“The book of Genesis is related with the Great Work.

The first day of Genesis corresponds to the work in the Abyss and to the first seal of the Apocalypse.

The second day of Genesis corresponds to the work with the water, the Vital body.

The third day of Genesis corresponds to the Astral body.

The fourth day of Genesis corresponds to the Mental body.

The fifth day corresponds to the Causal body.

The sixth day of Genesis corresponds to the sixth seal of the Apocalypse, to the Buddhic or intuitional body.

Next, the seventh seal, the seventh day of creation is the day of rest.

The work is performed in six days or periods of time. On the seventh day there is rest and on the eighth day the resurrection of the Lord is achieved.

Therefore, the books of Genesis and Apocalypse complement each other.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Commentary on Excerpt 2

It is quite clear then that with Alchemy what is created within us are the inner bodies or what are called the superior existential bodies of the Being. Which means it is these internal bodies are the one that allow us to manifest in a dimension of nature that is made up of the same material as the body. For example, with a mental body we can move, express and manifest ourselves in the Mental dimension of nature. This can not be done with the physical body as it is now here in the physical dimension. When we create a body we gain access to that dimension within ourselves and we work to acquire the dominion of ourselves in that dimension.

The following excerpt shows us what the practice Alchemy dissolves within us.

Excerpt 3

“Reference is made to Man in an Anahuac codex, which states:

“The Gods created men from wood and after having created them, they fused them with the Divinity.”

However, not all humans achieve the fusion with Divinity.

Obviously, Man (the human being) who is fused with Divinity is the Super-Man.

The majority of Initiates succeed in converting themselves into true Men, but they do not reach the state of Super-Men.

In order for oneself to become a true Man, the creation of the solar bodies is necessary. Many Initiates succeed in creating the bodies and they naturally receive their superior, animated, spiritual principles, that is to say, they have transformed themselves into legitimate Men, into authentic humans.

However, we must emphasize that despite being authentic humans, they have not eliminated the Dry-Mercury (ego), nor the Arsenic-Sulphur (passional fire).

What then happens? These Initiates do not always perfect their bodies. They do not succeed in making their bodies of pure Gold. They only succeed in creating them, however, they do not succeed in transmuting their bodies into Gold of the finest quality.

Therefore, these Initiates remain as Hanasmussen. They are Hanasmussen because in reality they have not eliminated the ego. Such human examples are failures.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Commentary on Excerpt 3

We need then to dissolve the false and wrong creations that we have within our psyche. These are the vile metals or the dry mercury and the arsenified sulphur. We must use the Alchemy or the sexual force to create but we do not use also the same sexual force to dissolve, in the end the work of completing our creation will fail.


In conclusion, the reasons for studying and practicing Alchemy are summarised very neatly in the Alchemical Latin expression “Solve et Coagula”. Which literally means to dissolve and to coagulate or in other words to dissolve the false creations and to build the new, authentic and real creations, so that the Divinity that we have within us can reside in us here and now in the physical world.

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The Secret of Alchemy


This article reveals the secret of Alchemy. Many people through the centuries have looked for this secret and I believe that the sincere seekers somehow found it. However those who wanted to find the secret for the reasons of greed and vanity may have never found it, and instead remained stuck in the literal interpretation of the symbols and text, and as a consequence never penetrated into the real nature of the secret, which has to do with working with the power that gave rise to the human being and is the only power that can legitimately and authentically transform the human being.

Alchemy Secret Image

The most interesting thing though is that this key even though it was heavily guarded in the past has now been publicly unveiled, and there are good reasons for that, which is covered in this article.

Introduction to the Excerpts

The following three excerpts reveal the key of Alchemy and explain more about the key itself. Please note for Excerpt 3, that Lemuria and Atlantis were very remote ancient civilizations of the planet Earth.

Excerpt 1

“In order to create the internal bodies, some artifice is necessary. This artifice is the secret secretorum of ancient Alchemists.

This secret secretorum is the Arcanum A.Z.F., which can be synthesized as follows: “Sexual connection without spilling the semen (without orgasm), without the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis.” This is how the creative energy is transmuted.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 2

“48. All the Initiates who wanted to spread the Great Arcanum prior to me have died.

49. In the Middle Ages, all the Initiates who tried to divulge the Great Arcanum were killed. Some were killed by means of the shirts of Nessus, some were poisoned by perfumed bouquets, some died by the dagger, or by the scaffold.

50. In the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, those who intended to divulge the Great Arcanum were sentenced to the death penalty.

51. Their head was cut off, their heart was torn out and their ashes were thrown into the four winds.

52. There exists only one man in life who divulged the Great Arcanum and who did not die.

53. I am that man, I am Samael Aun Weor.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 15 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 3



1. When the soldiers of Nebuchadnezzar penetrated into the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple of Solomon, they became frightened before the terrible symbol of the Great Arcanum.

2. The two Cherubims of the Ark of Alliance were touching each other with the tip of their wings, and they were in the sexual position of man and woman during copulation.

3. The Babylonians asked the Jews, “Is this your God?”

4. “Is this the purity of your God that you so much preconize?”

5. The Priests of Jerusalem remained silent because this is the terrible secret of the Great Arcanum.

6. The two Cherubims, male and female, performing copulation, represent the essence of all forms, the crude matter of the Great Work, the elemental waters of life, the sexual force of Eden, the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy fertilized by the solar fires.

7. The Great Arcanum is the seventh great Mystery of Creation enclosed within the seventh seal of the Apocalypse (Revelation)

8. The number of this Great Arcanum is 888 (eight hundred and eighty-eight).

9. This is the Reed of Magicians.

10. Every Septenary is reduced to our Spiritual Triad.

11. Together, the medulla and the ganglionic cords have the form of the Caduceus of Mercury, the form of the number eight.

12. With the fifth, sixth, and seventh Initiation of Major Mysteries, the eight is established in the Causal Body (Superior Manas or body of will), the Buddhic body (body of consciousness), and the Atmic Body which is the vehicle of the Intimate.

13. Thus, the 888 is established in our perfect Triad.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 27 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 4

“17. In the Temples of Lemuria, men and women entered into sexual contact in order to reproduce the species, but none of them spilled the semen (reached the orgasm).

18. The divine Hierarchies utilized one sperm in order to fertilize the womb. One sperm easily escapes from the hormonal vessels.

19. There is no need to fornicate to reproduce the species.

20. Seminal ejaculation is an exclusive property of the animal species, but not of the human species.

21. The human being must make his semen rise through the two ganglionic cords to the chalice (the brain).

22. The Black Magicians were the ones who taught the human being how to ejaculate the semen like the animals.

23. The Black Magicians of the opposite pole of the sanctuary of Vulcan taught the human being Black Sexual Magic. This was their treason to the mysteries of Vulcan.

24. The mysteries of sex are from the Sanctuary of Vulcan.

25. The guardians of that Sanctuary committed the crime of betraying the mysteries when they allowed themselves to be seduced by those brothers of darkness.

26. Black Magicians ejaculate the semen during the acts of negative Sexual Magic.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 27 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


The key of the Alchemy is one which was heavily guarded, simply because the time to publicly reveal it had not yet arrived. However now, in the times in which we are living the time to reveal it has come. Why? Because humanity is now in a time where it is needed, the level of degeneration now is much greater than ever before and as the practice of Alchemy is one of the most powerful keys to regenerate the human being it is readily available to those who are looking for the chance to regenerate before the general waves of degenerate wash over and submerge completely those who are wanting to find it.

The key is very simple and one, which has certainly in the past been scorned and scoffed at, however as the most important thing in life is one’s own life, the key to total transformation must be to do with the power that brought this life into being, and that power is in sex itself, and in the sexual energy. After all so many of eh Alchemical drawings show man and woman, or the masculine and feminine principles working together to create or produce something, so many of these drawings have to indicate to us that the art of Alchemy has something to do with the interaction between the two poles of life, that is masculine and feminine or man and woman.

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The Language of Alchemy


If anyone has had tried to read some of the medieval Alchemical texts such as the works by Basil Valentine, Paracelsus, Nicholas Flamel, Raymund Lully, Fulcanelli, even the famous book made from lead plates called Mutus Liber (Mute Book) one honestly gets the impression that what is being said is going is not being understood.

Alchemy Language Image

The symbols and texts seem almost so very unusual and strange, it is as if they were speaking another language, it is as if the names they are using are not what we commonly associate with those names. For example, Mercury in Alchemy is not the Mercury that we are used to thinking of, that is the liquid metal and the planet.

One comes to the conclusion that the modus operandi of Alchemy was expressed in a special language, a language that veiled the very clear specifics of what they were talking about. Certainly this was done on purpose to some extent, but more importantly because Alchemy is a process that is for the consciousness and the spirit of the human being, so it is the consciousness and the spirit of the human being, not the mind that can interpret and understand the language, terminology and symbols of Alchemy.

The following excerpts explain how the language of Alchemy is understood and how some of the great Alchemist texts are to be understood, especially the book of Genesis and the book of the Apocalypse (Revelation).

Excerpt 1

“In order to comprehend the Mysteries of the Great Work it is necessary to receive the Donum Dei, which means the power of God.

If one has not received the power of God in order to penetrate into the Science of the Great Work, then, regardless if one studies it, one does not understand it. This is because such a science does not reach the intellect. It reaches the consciousness.

The whole Science of the Great Work penetrates the consciousness. It belongs to the functions of the consciousness. Behold then by yourselves how we can speak about the whole Great Work in Alchemy.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 2

“The books of Genesis and Apocalypse are texts of Alchemy. The book of Genesis has to be lived in this precise moment while performing our intimate work. The same must occur with the Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse (Revelation) is a book of Alchemy.

Has the Apocalypse (Revelation) been adulterated in the various translations?

No, this book is the only one that has not been changed, for no one has entered into its wisdom. No one understands it, no one enters into it, it has been saved from disgrace.

However, the whole of the Great Work is written in the Apocalypse. It is the Book of Wisdom, the book in which is found the laws of Nature.

Nevertheless, each one of us has our own interior Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse of Peter exists, the one of John exists, as does the one of Paul. The Apocalypse also exists within each one of ourselves.

Each one of us has our own Apocalypse and there are two ways of living it.

We live it within ourselves, performing the Great Work, or we live it with Nature, with humanity in general.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


The Donum Dei is what we need to understand the texts and symbols of the Alchemy. However with the Gnostic teachings, which is where Master Samael has unveiled much of the Alchemy, the Alchemical texts and symbols open up somewhat. However, by living out our very own Alchemical processes we can come to understand in a deeper and more intimate way the language and symbols of the great Alchemists.

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One of the most important elements of Alchemy is Mercury. The Alchemists always spoke of it. Most of the time they spoke of it in a way that seemed as if they were speaking of the metal mercury, being a liquid and being volatile in nature. However at times they spoke about it in such a way that it had nothing to do with mercury the metal.

Alchemy Mercury Image

The mercury has also been called “Quintessence of the Philosophers, “Aqua Vitae” and the “Water of Paradise”.

Anyway Mercury is the most important and fundamental element of Alchemy. The following excerpts clearly tell us what the Mercury of Alchemy is and how one works with it in one’s own Alchemical processes.

Excerpt 1

“Firstly, let us know that Mercury is nothing more than the metallic soul of the sperm. (In Alchemy, sperm is the sexual fluid in both males and females). However, in Alchemy, the physical sperm is brute Mercury.

It is stated that when this sperm or brute Mercury is transmuted, then we can elaborate Mercury, which is the metallic soul of the sperm. Consequently, there are three types of Mercury.

Firstly, there is brute Mercury, which means the Hexiohehary, or sacred sperm.

Second, there is the metallic soul of the sperm, which is the result of the transmutation of the sexual libido (the sperm). Therefore, this metallic soul is creative energy that ascends through the ganglionic spinal cords to the brain.

The third Mercury is the most elevated. It is the Mercury that has been fertilized by Sulphur. In Alchemy, Sulphur is the Sacred Fire.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 2

“The Mercury fecundated by Sulphur is the third Mercury. This Mercury is the most refined and the most important. Why is this third Mercury so important? It is such because it is what we call the Arche...the Greek Arche...the famous Arche.

The existential bodies of the Being emerge from this third Mercury, which is the Arche.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 3

“1. Arnald of Villanova, Albert the Great, Raymond Lully and many other Alchemists, give the designation of Mercury to the sperm or semen.

2. There is only one matter that serves as a foundation for the Great Work of the Father.

3. This crude matter of the Great Work is the sperm, which is designated as Mercury by the Alchemists.

4. Mercury is the sperm of all metals.

5. Arnold of Villanova states that Mercury engenders the diverse metals in the bosom of the Earth, according to the degree of sulphuration.

6. Therefore, Mercury revests the diverse metallic forms in accordance to the degree of baking.

7. In reality, each thing can be disarranged within its own elements.

8. With the help of heat, we can disarrange ice into water, because water is the element of ice.

9. Therefore, all the metals of the Earth can be disarranged into Mercury, because Mercury is the crude matter of all the metals.

10. Mercury is the spermatic semen in which all the metals can be disarranged, because this is the element from which all things emerge.

11. The human being can be disarranged in the semen, because this is the element that he departed from. Each thing can be disarranged in its own elements from which it is composed.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 19 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 4

“15. Mercury is a spiritual liquor, aerial and rare.

16. Mercury is the flying eagle of Philosophy.

17. Mercury is our Chaos.

18. Mercury is our semen.

19. Salt is found in the urine and in the sweat.

20. Sulphur is abundantly present in the body’s grease and in the arm pit.

21. Mercury is within the blood, medulla, aqueous humor, bone, muscle, etc.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 20 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


In summary, we have the mercury of alchemy with us right here and now, it is in our sexual energy, that is in our seminal entity, however only in its initial or very rough, unrefined form. When we transmute that sexual energy or seminal entity we create the transmuted mercury which is what the Alchemist spoke so much about. This transmuted mercury is the foundation of all Alchemical work, and is the real mercury.

On an Alchemical or philosophical level, the three primary elements mercury, sulphur and salt, mercury was considered to be an intermediary between matter and the spirit (even the physical element of Mercury is a liquid meaning it is the middle state between a solid and a vapour), while the sulphur was considered to be the spirit and salt to be the earth or the base element.

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Another very important element of Alchemy is the Sulphur. The alchemists spoke much about it and once again, they spoke and wrote about it in such a way that they could not be taking about the yellow crystalline element that is well known to the world through its many applications and uses.

Alchemy Sulphur Image

It is just as important as the Mercury. The Sulphur is what makes the third type of Mercury, which results in the awakening and development of the Kundalini, and the later crystallisation of the superior bodies of the Being.

The following excerpts speak about what the sulphur is and its role in one’s Alchemical processes.

Excerpt 1

“The oriental Esoterists know that when the positive and negative currents of Mercury come into contact in the Triveni, close to the coccygeal bone, then a third force awakens by an electric induction. This force is the Kundalini.

When the Kundalini awakens in the body, it is designed as a spiral, serpentine fire that is developed in the body of the Ascetic, near the coccygeal bone. Thus, the Mercury which has been fertilized by Sulphur is the result of the mixture of this Sacred Fire, or Sulphur, with the metallic soul of the Mercury.

This mixture of Mercury and Sulphur ascends through the medullar spinal canal to the brain, awakening the superior centres of the brain. The surplus of this Mercury fertilized by Sulphur must cause the virtual creation of the existential superior bodies of the Being.

When the Mercury fecundated by Sulphur crystallizes within our psyche and within our organism with the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, then the Astral body is formed. Therefore, the Astral Body is nothing more than Mercury fertilized by Sulphur.

When the Mercury fertilized by the Sulphur crystallizes by means of a second octave of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, then it assumes the figure of the Mental body. Therefore, the Mental Body is also Mercury fertilized by Sulphur, but, in a second octave.

When the Mercury fecundated by Sulphur crystallizes in a third octave of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, then the Causal body is formed.

Once the physical, Astral, Mental, and Causal bodies have been created, a true human being exists, a human being with psychic and spiritual principles, an authentic human.

Therefore, without the Astral, Mental, and Causal bodies the true human does not exist. Instead, only an intellectual animal exists.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 2

“19. Salt is found in the urine and in the sweat.

20. Sulphur is abundantly present in the body’s fats and in the arm pit.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 20 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


The Sulphur is not the Kundalini, the Kundalini is the result of the Sulphur mixing the transmuted sexual energy or Mercury and then that mixture ignites and turns into the Kundalini. The Sulphur is then the electricity or life force of the Divinity within us that mixes and ignites so to speak the Mercury (transmuted raw sexual energy).

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The Alchemists also wrote and spoke much about the Salt. The salt as previous articles have alluded to, is a fundamental part of the Alchemical work.

Alchemy Salt Image

The following excerpts tell us what the salt is and what it does in our Alchemical processes.

Excerpt 1

“The Mercury fertilized by Sulphur is the third Mercury. This Mercury is the most refined and the most important. Why is this third Mercury so important? It is such because it is what we call the Arche...the Greek Arche...the famous Arche.

The existential bodies of the Being emerge from this third Mercury, which is the Arche.

We also find the Arche in the Macrocosm, as the Macrocosmic Arche.

This Macrocosmic Arche is the nebula from which the worlds emerge. What is a nebula? It is the Macrocosmic Arche. It is a mixture of Salt, Sulphur and Mercury.

Salt is the Spirit. Salt is contained within the sacred sperm and it is sublimated with transmutation. Therefore, there is also Salt, Sulphur, and Mercury within the Microcosmic Arche.

What is Salt?

Salt is contained within the sexual secretions. However, this Salt needs to be sublimated. Therefore, when transmutation is performed, this Salt is also transmuted.

Salt, Sulphur and Mercury exist within the Microcosmic Arche, from which the existential superior bodies of the Being emerge.

Salt, Sulphur and Mercury also exist within the Macrocosmic Arche. The cosmic units, the worlds, emerge from this Arche, from this nebula, which is the Macrocosmic Arche.

As above, so below. Above, the nebula is needed in order for the worlds to emerge, and in order for this to happen crude matter is needed. The crude matter is the Arche, a mixture of Salt, Sulphur and Mercury.

Here below, within the Microcosm (the human being), it is also necessary to elaborate the nebula with Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. Thus, the existential superior bodies of the Being emerge below, just as the worlds emerge above.

We must make here in small, within the Microcosm (human being), what the Great Architect of the universe made in large in the Macrocosm, because as above, so below. This is how the existential superior bodies of the Being come to emerge.

Hence, it is necessary to create the Arche in ourselves, within ourselves. The Arche is Salt, plus Sulphur and Mercury. As above, so below.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 2

“1. Salt is the substance of all things, and the fixed principle of all that exists.

2. Salt works upon the Sulphur and the Mercury. Thus, Sulphur and Mercury make the Salt volatile, just as they are.

3. Salt thickens them and makes them fixed in return.

4. When Salt is dissolved in an appropriate liquor, then it dissolves solid things and gives them consistency.

5. Salt gives a form of perfection to the Child of Gold of Sexual Alchemy.

6. Salt dissolves our metals in order to elaborate the Child of Gold of Sexual Alchemy with them.

7. The volatile Salt prepares the larynx in order to speak the Verb of Gold.

8. Salt dissolves and thickens all things.

9. The Earth has the nature of Salt. This is why it is dissolved in water and thickened in water.

10. The continents emerge from the salty waters of the sea and then return to the sea.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 20 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 3

“19. Salt is found in urine and in sweat.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 20 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 4



1. There are two types of Salt: One is masculine and the other feminine.

2. The male Salt damages the human organism when it is excessively used.

3. The female Salt is beneficial and healthy.

4. The male Salt is sea Salt.

5. The female Salt is rock Salt; it is the Salt from the Salt mines.

6. The Alchemist must prefer the female Salt.

7. Twelve fundamental Salts exist which are governed by the twelve zodiacal signs.

8. Illness appears when these twelve zodiacal Salts are not well balanced within our human organism.

9. To synthesize, these twelve zodiacal Salts give a form of perfection to the twelve bodies that the inhabitants of the Mist of Fire use.

10. The twelve zodiacal Salts convert the human being into a splendorous zodiac.

11. Everything that has a dense or subtle form is due to Salt.

12. No form can exist without Salt.

13. However, we must appreciate Salt in its subliminal quintessence, which is imperceptible by the microscope, yet perfectly visible to the clairvoyant.

14. A profound study of the zodiacal Salts will take us very far into the therapeutic field.

15. These twelve Salts are:

  • Iron Phosphate
  • Phosphoric Magnesium
  • Phosphoric Calcium
  • Phosphoric Nitron
  • Phosphoric Potassium
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Sodium Sulphate
  • Sulphuric Calcium
  • Calcium Fluoride
  • Silica”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 21 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


In summary, the salt is the something that is a substance, a physical substance, something that is in our body, in our sexual secretions, in our sweat and in our urine. Salt is needed to create with the mercury and the sulphur, because three elements are needed to create. The excerpts in this article refer to the salt as being something definitely very physical and something that also must be transmuted.

Salt as alluded to in this article’s excerpts is something that gives things form, it is an agent that crystallises and thickens. It is also an agent that dissolves. When salt works or is combined with Sulphur and Mercury it gives the Mercury and the Sulphur which do not have form by themselves, a form. So salt crystallises the Mercury and the Sulphur into the bodies and also dissolves elements in us to be reformed anew into something more precious.

In summary then, salt is the third element of the Alchemical trinity of elements: mercury, sulphur and salt. It is in our body and is an agent of crystallising or fixing.

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Hermetic Glass and the Alchemical Furnance


The Hermetic vase or glass is mentioned very frequently in all Alchemical texts and appears in many Alchemical drawings, images and art.

Alchemy Hermetic Glass Image

Being very clear as Master Samael is in his teachings, the Hermetic glass of Alchemy is none other than both our Alchemical partner (spouse) and the container of our sexual energy, which is our own sexual apparatus.

The whole key of Alchemy revolves around not ever spilling or breaking the Hermetic glass, means to not allow the Mercury to escape which is to not lose (ejaculate) the sexual energy (seminal entity).

Within the Hermetic glass takes place all the Alchemical crystallisations and disinflations, so breaking or tipping over the glass is to ruin all of these crystallisations. The following excerpt is very clear in telling the reader what the Alchemical furnace and receptacle (Hermetic glass) really are.

Excerpt 1



1. In Light of Lights, Aristotle states: “the Mercury must be baked in a triple receptacle of very hard glass.”

2. The receptacle must be round with a very small neck.

3. This receptacle is the virile member. The semen is within our sexual organs. It is the crude matter of the Great work.

4. The receptacle must be hermetically sealed with one cover, which means, it is necessary to cover our sexual organs very well, in order to avoid the spilling of the crude matter of the Great Work.

5. Our glass must be placed in another vessel, hermetically sealed as the first, in such a form that the heat acts upon the crude matter of the Great Work from above, below, and from all sides.

6. This is the formula: Introduce the virile member into the female vagina without ejaculating the semen (without reaching the orgasm).

7. Thus, the phallus, which is the receptacle that contains the crude matter of the Great Work, remains surrounded by the walls of the vagina and is submitted to heat, equal on every side.

8. Our disciples will now comprehend why Aristotle states in Light of Lights that, “the Mercury must be baked in a triple receptacle of very hard glass.”

9. Nature bakes the metals in the mines with the help of the fire, however, it needs receptacles that are adequate for baking.

10. It is noticeable that heat is always constant within the mines. The mountains filled with mines are completely closed in order for the heat not to escape, because without fire the metals of the Earth cannot be elaborated.

11. We must do the same with the phallus and the uterus. Both man and woman must withdraw without spilling even a single drop of semen.

12. In the beginning, “Let your fire be tranquil and gentle, let it be kept as this every day, always uniform, without being weak; otherwise, it will cause great damage.”

13. However, brethren, you can intensify the fire, little by little.

14. In the beginning, the practices of Sexual Magic must be short, but later you can prolong them little by little, making them more intense each time, in order to intensify the fire.

15. Knead seven times, brother of mine.

16. There are seven serpents that you most raise upon the reed, until the King appears, crowned with the red diadem.

17. The work is analogous to the creation of the human being because, “Nature contains nature. Nature is delighted with nature. Nature dominates nature and it transforms into other natures.”

18. The furnace of our laboratory is the virile member and the vulva, sexually connected.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 4 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


In summary the Hermetic glass is our sexual apparatus and with the sexual connection between man and woman, that produces heat, the Hermetic glass or receptacle is placed inside a furnace. For the Alchemical processes both are needed, that is a receptacle and a furnace.

The result of the receptacle being ins furnace is the transmutation. The transmutation is the goal of Alchemy, with transmutation the raw mercury is converted into energy or the second type of Mercury where it can be later fecundated with the spirit of life the sulphur to become the precious metals or distillations of Alchemy.

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The Four Colours of Alchemy


There are four famous colour so Alchemy. They have at time been represented by animals. The four colours are: black, white, yellow and red.

Alchemy Four Colours Image

Sometimes a crow or raven has symbolised black, a dove the white colour, an eagle the yellow colour and the pheasant the red colour.

These colours are no other than the board stages of refining our sexuality and the state of our sexual waters or sexual energy in the practice of Alchemy. We all begin with eh black colour that is with our sexual waters in a very rough and unrefined condition.

Excerpt 1

“What are the white and red colours that often appear in the text of Alchemy?

These are the colours which the Mercury displays when one is purifying the bodies in the crucible. What crucible are we referring to? The sexual crucible, of course.

In the beginning, this crucible emits a black colour, then later, a white colour. Subsequently, the yellow colour is emitted, until finally reaching the red colour.

This is the symbolism of the three Wise Kings: One white, one black and the other yellow. However, the red is missing. The red is missing because the Kings can only elevate themselves through the red colour.

The star that guides them is precisely Stella Maris. She guides them in the work. She is the one who performs the whole work.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


The black colour is the colour of unrefined, rough sexuality without transmutation. With some years of work in transmutation and Alchemy our sexual energy or waters becomes refined and takes on the white colour. This is a stage of more understanding, knowledge and responsibility. After some more years of work the white turns to yellow, where our waters are sufficiently refined for our Divine Mother to mix in some of her fiery power, to produce the awakening of the Kundalini, thus making our waters red.

When we have the Kundalini awakened we have our waters coloured red.

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The Sacred Fire or Kundalini


Once again so much has been said in the East and now in the West about eh Kundalini. The kundalini seems as though it is something belonging only to the Hindustani’s and the yoga practitioners. However, the kundalini is never associated with Alchemy. In fact the kundalini and Alchemy have very much to say about each other. The Kundalini is absolutely essential in the Alchemy.

Alchemy Sacred Fire Image

Excerpt 1



1. The invisible stars that palpitate within the profundities of the infinite are ineffable flames.

2. We are detached sparks from these eternal flames.

3. Before the spark is unfastened from the flame, it is the very flame itself.

4. We were those flames.

5. We were those ineffable Logoi, who in the dawn of life fecundated the Chaos with our Sacred Fire, so that the seed plot of the cosmos could sprout from within the waters of life.

6. These supra-celestial waters are pure semen.

7. Such waters are enclosed within our sexual glands.

8. The air and the fire of these waters are the ineffable Eden, which resides within our own selves, inside the depths of our consciousness.

9. The Holy Bible reveals to us about these waters in the first chapter of the book of Genesis.

10. The book of Daniel, chapter 3, verse 6 also reveals to us about these waters. Psalm 104:3 narrates to us about the supra-celestial waters from the Universal Chaos.

11. This Chaos is our Christonic semen.

12. Such a flexible and malleable liquid is an inflamed substance which constitutes the abode of the Angels, Seraphims, Thrones, Virtues, Potencies, etc.

13. This Christic substance is the Chaos and life sprouts from within it.

14. This Chaos is Christ in substance, the liquid Christ who abides within our sexual glands.

15. The supra-celestial waters are co-penetrated by the supra-celestial air and by the divine fire, where the divine Gods of the unalterable infinite abide.

16. If we spill those waters during the trance of Sexual Magic, then we also spill the supra-celestial air and the divine fire which lives within those waters.

17. This is how we sank into our own atomic infernos and into worlds of darkness, where nothing but the weeping and gnashing of teeth are heard.

18. The fire and the air are superior elements.

19. The fire in its absolute simplicity is the summum of all perfections.

20. The air cannot achieve the penetration of the fire into its very essence, neither can it be fused with it because of being less pure. However, the air does it, only when it has been purified in an absolute way.

21. Elemental fire is concentrated within the luminaries of Heaven.

22. Those luminaries are the ineffable stars, the planetary Logoi, who send their rays in order to help us in our cosmic evolution.

23. The fire purifies all things by transmuting them into ineffable perfections.

24. The fire acts in the centre of each planet and within the heart of all life.

25. The fire has its habitat within the water. Thus, if we spill the water, then we also spill the fire. Consequently, we remain in darkness.

26. Sexual movement provokes emotion. Emotion puts respiration or air into motion. Then, the air insufflates life upon the fire when the solar and lunar atoms make contact in the coccyx.

27. This is how the Kundalini is awakened and this is how we achieve fusion with the Intimate.

28. The fire cannot tolerate the crude water, but it must transmute it into subtle steam by means of heat.

29. When the steam is transmuted into solar and lunar currents, the water is then sufficiently transmuted and purified in order to be eternally fused with the fire of the Kundalini.

30. This work is Sexual Alchemy.

31. The fire purifies the air, the air purifies the water, and the water purifies the earth with the continuous movement of the fire.

32. This is how the elements, one with the other, are being purified.

33. The water, or semen, acts upon the fire by confining it in our sexual organs, in order to elevate it upwards through our spinal column.

34. The fire works upon our four bodies of sin, in order to elevate them towards their own degree of perfection.

35. We extract the pure oil of the Spirit from our four bodies of sin by means of the fire.

36. This oil is lit when it is deprived of its impurities. Then, it burns as an ineffable flame.

37. This is how it acts in the planet human being, by removing the unevenness of the elements and carrying all of them to perfection, in order to convert them into living fire.

38. This is how the fire purifies the elements before assimilating them in a total manner.

39. In Nature, we see the earth reduced to water, the water transmuted into air, such as into clouds, and finally into fire, such as thunder and flashes of lightning.

40. This fire of Heaven provokes rain, and the rain gives life to the womb of the seeds in order for life to sprout.

41. These repeated irrigations work on the seeds of the earth, where the fire of the strong and active life is enclosed.

42. When the waters of Heaven act upon the seeds in order to make the fire of life sprout from them, it is pure Sexual Alchemy.

43. When the fire of Kundalini acts upon our seminal seeds it makes an interior atomic Universe sprout from within our interior life. This Universe is filled with ineffable perfections.

44. This is how the planet human being, clean of impurities, consubstantiates himself with the fire of the Spirit. Thus, he becomes an eternal flame.

45. The ancient Phoenix nourishes itself with the Sacred Fire within its rebel eagle’s nest, and its fledglings pull off its eyes. This produces the immaculate whiteness of the ineffable Spirit, who shines in the corners of the Universe.

46. This is how we transmute all of our metals into the pure Gold of the Spirit.

47. This is the Great Arcanum.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 15 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 2



1. “And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

“These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.

“These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophesy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.” (Revelation: 11: 3-6)

2. The two witnesses of the Apocalypse (Revelation) are our two ganglionic cords through which the semen rises towards the chalice of our head.

3. When the virile member is withdrawn from the vagina, without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm), the semen then rises through the two ganglionic cords to the chalice (the brain).

4. These two ganglionic cords are known in the Orient as Ida and Pingala.

5. Ida is the ganglionic cord of the right. Pingala is the ganglionic cord of the left.

6. The semen rises to the head through these two nervous channels when we restrain the animal impulse.

7. These are the two witnesses, the two olive trees and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.

8. These are the two Uraeus from the South and from the North that shine on the forehead.

9. This is why the ancient Kings had two crowns upon their heads and the sacred serpent upon the mid-brow.

10. The solar atoms of our seminal system rise through the right ganglionic channel.

11. The lunar atoms of our seminal system rise through the left ganglionic channel.

12. The right ganglionic cord is related with the left nasal cavity.

13. The left ganglionic cord is related with the right nasal cavity.

14. When the solar and lunar atoms of our seminal system make contact near the Triveni, which is in the chakra Muladhara, situated in the coccyx, the Kundalini then awakens and enters through the inferior orifice of the spinal medulla.

15. The ascension of the Kundalini depends on the merits of the heart.

16. The solar and lunar atoms of our seminal system make contact with the coccygeal bone when we learn to withdraw from our spouse without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm).”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 12 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


The above two excerpts have really impressed upon us the importance of the sacred fire or the Kundalini. It is the base of all of the Alchemical processes just as fire is the base of any creation. The excerpts also show us the way to obtain it or rather wake it up inside of ourselves. It is essentially a spark of the Divine fire from the Absolute that lives and becomes awaken in man and through Alchemy is used to its full potential in completing our inner genesis, dissolving the dry mercury and fabricating the philosopher’s stone.

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Alchemical Gold


Gold the goal of Alchemy, which has also driven so many people crazy in the past, trying to acquire it. However, the gold of the Alchemist as the following excerpts point out is not physical gold. It is rather the gold of the spirit.

Alchemy Gold Image

Excerpt 1

“1. Dead Gold is useless. It is necessary to give life to it.

2. Just as the Sun gives light to the planets, Gold can transmute all of our imperfect metals.

3. However, dead Gold is useless. Thus, it is necessary to give life to it and to reduce it to its female state, that is to say, to reduce it to its crude matter. It is also necessary for it to be reborn through the path of regeneration by retrogradation.

4. Spiritual Gold is the Sacred Fire, the ineffable pleroma of the Spirit.

5. Instead of ejaculating the Spiritual Gold, it is necessary to make it rise through the two ganglionic cords, in order to achieve the regeneration of the Being.

6. This is how we give life to the dead Gold by reducing it to its crude matter, in order to convert it into volatile and spiritual Gold.

7. Volatile Gold is the perfect medicine.

8. Volatile Gold is the fire of Kundalini.

9. Gold has an affinity with Mercury, both are perfect and incorruptible.

10. The minor metals are Lead and Tin which are soft, and Iron and Copper which are hard.

11. All these metals of our human personality are transmuted into volatile Gold with the powders of projection.

12. These powders are the white and red elixirs of Sexual Alchemy (see Chapter 6, White Elixir and Red Elixir).

13. The quadrature of the circle is found in Gold.

14. Mercury and Gold form the Chaos when they are insolubly united.

15. Gold fecundates Mercury in order for creation to emerge.

16. One plus two equals three.

17. The Father and the Mother are united in order for the Child to be born. The family united is the four.

18. This is the quadrature of the circle.

19. Therefore, the quadrature of the circle is found enclosed within the volatile Gold.

20. Potable Gold is the same volatile Gold.

21. This volatile Gold is the Sacred Fire of sex.

22. Mercury is transmuted into volatile Gold.

23. To synthesize, Gold becomes perfect Mercury.

24. Mercury is the water of the Chaos, the Christonic semen that is transmuted into the living Gold of the Spirit.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 20 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


The gold of the Alchemists is then a spiritual substance that we need to fabricate and one that we also already have within ourselves, that is within our sexual energy. If we transmute constantly our sexual energy, never losing a drop, we can create that gold of the Alchemists. The gold in us is created when we transmute and when we dissolve the various psychological “I’s” that we have, thus purifying our sexual energy and no longer blocking or corrupting the gold in our sexual energy and in our spirit. The alchemical gold is also a symbol for the spirit inside the human being.

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The Practice of Alchemy


The most important and practical point of Alchemy is really how to practice it. The key was given in previous articles and expanding upon them the way to practice it, is to unite sexually, very carefully and slowly with both parties being very careful to not go anywhere near to the experiencing the sensations that lead to the loss of the sexual energy.

Alchemy Practice Image

Once the sexual connection is made both are to begin to remember their interior divinity, knowing that the sexual energy is something Divine and is a gift from the interior Divinity to be used to once again unite with it. The couple can then moving very slowly begin to slightly arouse the sexual organs to allow the sexual energy to be transmuted and then by remembering the interior Divinity and praying the transmuted energy is sublimated or made spiritual and is able to fuse with the interior Divinity. This way whitens the waters and awakening Kundalini. Successive refinements also allow one to progress through the various stages of Alchemy towards the final goal.

The major key to be put into practice alongside the actual practice of her Alchemy is correct and ethical conduct and the following excerpt clearly expounds this.

Excerpt 1












10. THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBOURS’ GOODS (the ten commandments).

11. This is the fundamental base of Sexual Alchemy.

12. Our sacred art is totally based on the Stone Tablets of the Law.

13. The man who practices Sexual Magic with various women and vice versa, is an adulterer. An adulterer cannot awaken the Kundalini.

14. Whosoever violates the sixth Commandment of the Law of God cannot fertilize the waters of Mercury because he does not possess the solar fires.

15. Sexual Magic can be performed only between husband and wife.

16. The man who violates this commandment adulterates. The woman who violates this commandment adulterates. If they believe that they will achieve something, they are mistaken, because an adulterer cannot obtain anything.

17. The Kundalini ascends with the Ten Commandments of the Law of God.

18. The violation of any of these Commandments stops the development, evolution, and progress of the Kundalini.

19. All evil ones who unite themselves in order to practice Sexual Magic without being married, fall into black magic due to the crime of adultery.

20. The Ten Commandments of the Law of God form the fundamental base of Sexual Alchemy.”

Excerpt from the book: “A Treatise of Alchemy”, chapter 26 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


Obviously one needs to know the right way to practice the Alchemy which was outlined in the introduction of this article, however what is just as important to progress in one’s Alchemical processes is to have and maintain an ethical and correct conduct in the three spheres of thought, feeling and action. The base of maintaining this correct conduct is the dissolution of the dry mercury or the psychological “I”.

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The Vile Metals and the Arsenified Sulphur


Often the vile metals or dry mercury and arsenified sulphur is mentioned in Alchemical texts and not it is often it is not clear what these two things really are. The following excerpts clearly define what these two elements are. The very interesting thing is that they can be found in us right here and now.

Alchemy Vile Metals Image

Excerpt 1

“Whosoever has created the bodies must then perfect them. In order for the bodies to be perfected it is absolutely necessary to eliminate the Dry Mercury, which is nothing more than the pluralized ‘I’ (ego).

If one does not eliminate the pluralized ‘I’, then the existential bodies cannot be perfected and they cannot be recovered by the distinct parts of the Being.

In order for the bodies to be recovered by the distinct parts of the Being, they must be perfected. They must be converted into pure vehicles of Gold. However, these vehicles cannot be converted into instruments of pure Gold unless the Dry Mercury and the Arsenic Sulphur are eliminated.

What is Dry Mercury? It is the ‘I’ (ego). What is Arsenified Sulphur? It is the carnal, bestial fire of the atomic infernos of the human being. This fire corresponds to the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Thus, it is necessary to eliminate the Dry Mercury and the Arsenified Sulphur in order for the existential superior bodies, which are created by the Arche of Alchemy, to be converted into the finest quality vehicles of pure Gold.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 2

“The Great Work is performed with Her. However, if one does not eliminate the Dry-Mercury (ego) and the Arsenic-Sulphur (passional fire), one does not achieve the fusion with Divinity. If there is no psychological death, then one is transformed into an abortion, into a failure. Therefore, the work must be performed correctly.

The Antimony is willing to settle the atoms of Gold in Mercury with the condition that the Dry-Mercury and the Arsenic Sulphur are eliminated with the help of Stella Maris. If we perform this, then the Antimony works in settling the Gold.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


In summary the vile metals are the egoic substances in us, which are really substance that is not physical. The vile metals are our egos or the many psychological “I’s” that we carry within our psychology. They are fragments of our essence trapped or conditioned to think, feel and act in very particular ways. The arsenified sulphur is the sexual enthusiasm or impulse or fire that is conditioned to work in a lustful way.

As a final note, in the work of Alchemy we have to dissolve both the vile metals and the arsenified sulphur, this releasing the freed and purified sulphur and the freed and purified metals. Both the dry mercury and the arsenified sulphur are dissolved by working first of all psychologically, that is, using self-observation and comprehension then appealing to our particular individual Divine Mother or the feminine aspect of our interior Divinity to reduce them to dust.

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Philosopher’s Stone


So much has been written about the philosopher’s stone, it is understood as being the pinnacle or goal of Alchemy. The following excerpts by V.M Samael Aun Weor clearly reveal what the philosopher’s stone is, in very clear and easily understandable language.

Alchemy Philosopher's Stone Image

Excerpt 1

“What is the Philosophical Stone? The Philosophical Stone is the Intimate Christ dressed with his bodies of Gold.

This Gold covering, formed by the bodies, is ‘To Soma Heliakon’, the body of Gold of the Solar Man. Whosoever possesses the Philosophical Stone has complete power over all of Nature. Nature knows how to obey such a being. This person possesses the Elixir of Long Life and can keep the physical body for millions of years. Lo and Behold the path. The path is in the (sexual) seed. There is no other way.

Interesting things take place within the human organism. The existential superior bodies of the Being are nothing more than Mercury fertilized by Sulphur. Gold must then appear in these bodies of Mercury.

But who can settle the atoms of Gold in the Mercury? They can be settled with only one artifice. This artifice is none other than the famous Antimony, the Antimony of Alchemy. In reality, Antimony is a metal which is well known in Chemistry. However, in Alchemy, Antimony is one of the parts of our Being. This part of our Being knows how to settle the Gold in our bodies of Mercury. This is how these bodies of Mercury can be converted into the finest quality bodies of pure Gold.

Whosoever possesses bodies of pure Gold receives the sword of Gold. He or she becomes an Archangel with the finest quality sword of pure Gold, which threateningly turns in every way, throwing strong flames. Such is the sword of the Archangels (Arche-Angels).

It is then worthwhile to settle the atoms of Gold in the Mercury. The whole of this can be achieved with the condition of eliminating the Dry Mercury (ego) and the Arsenic Sulphur (passional fire). If one does not eliminate the Dry Mercury and the Arsenic Sulphur, one simply does not achieve the perfection of the bodies, nor does one make them of the finest quality Gold.

The entire secret of the Great Work then consists of knowing how to make Mercury, how to create the Arche, which is the intimate and particular nebula from where our distinct bodies must emerge.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 2

“However, the metallic Spirit of the Stone, which is the Intimate Christ, can be lost. The metallic Spirit can evaporate. When can this occur? When a metal is melted. When is it melted? When the Hermes Glass is spilled, then the metallic Spirit is melted. It is the metallic reaction of the Gold. Thus, it is indubitable that the interior Magnesium escapes.

When this occurs, alchemically it is known that the Philosophical Stone is lost, that it has dissolved in the water. Speaking in other words, out of the terms of the Great Work, I will say that this is when the Boddhisattwa falls (fornicates).

In Alchemy, it is said clearly that the Stone is thrown into the water, that it dissolves in the water on Saturday. We must understand that Saturday is Saturn, in other words, the kingdom of death.

Whosoever dissolves his Stone in water loses his Stone.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 3

“Then, in the central plateau of Asia, I committed the error, as did the Count Zanoni. It was the error of taking a wife when it was forbidden for me. I once again threw the Philosophical Stone into the water. Now in this new existence, I performed the Great Work. The resurrection of the Lord will culminate for the third time...for the third time. Thus, I have now performed the work three times. So, this is why I have experience, I know the way...I know the way.

What I wish to say is a great truth. When I elaborated the Philosophical Stone for the first time, on the Moon, the Stone was powerful.

When I elaborated it the second time, it was much stronger. Now that I am elaborating it for the third time, it will be even stronger. This is due to acquired experience.Within this experience there is an intelligent principle that we must understand. A human can fight a great deal for his transformation in order to reach the union with God. This human progresses until there. However, after a human being reaches the union with God, when God manifests himself in this human, we can say that from here on there is no progress.

If this human being wishes to progress, he must then retrograde, which means to throw the Stone into the water.

What happens to the Stone?

When the Stone re-emerges into life, it emerges much more powerful, more penetrative. It is something extraordinary.

There are Initiates who perform the work seven times. Beyond seven times it is very dangerous because one can fall into damnation.

I have performed it three times, but frankly, I will not make it a fourth. I do not want to expose myself to losing a great amount. However, the three times that I have performed it, the situation has come to me as it must be, extremely painful.

For example, in the central plateau of Asia, when I threw the Stone into the water for the third time, I said to myself, “How I have fought over the centuries in order to raise myself again. What frightful weights, such terrible bitterness!” And only now, after having suffered terribly, tremendously, this Philosophical Stone is again being reborn. In 1978 it will be reborn.

I carried all the history of the Aryan Race in order to raise it again. Therefore, it is extremely painful; it is a very painful process.

There are Adepts who, wanting to make the Stone more penetrative and powerful, intentionally descend. They do not fall, they descend.

How do they descend?

They take a spouse when it is not permitted to them. But they do not ejaculate the seminal liquor (they do not reach the orgasm) and under the direction of a Guru, they work with all the rules of the Arcanum A. Z. F. They then lose the Stone.

After a certain period of time, they give life to the Stone. They perform the great Work so that the Stone will remain much stronger.

It is necessary to establish the difference that exists between falling and descending.

I did not descend. I intentionally fell. My three cases were falls, not descends.

In the central plateau of Asia, I committed the same error as the Count Zanoni. I took a wife. This is the forbidden act which I did. I tell you that after the experience of the centuries, I know that this is how the Great Work is performed.

Let us remember the Phoenix Bird. It is marvellous with its crown of Gold and with its feet and legs of a beautiful pure Gold. Nature surrounded and worshiped it. Tired of living for millions of years, it decided to make a nest with the branches of incense, myrrh, spikenard and other beautiful branches, and the truth is that she burned herself there.

Nature is always like that. But then the Phoenix Bird was reborn from her own ashes, much more powerful.

Likewise, it is necessary to perform the Great Work because when the Stone is thrown into the water, it remains drowned.”

Excerpt from the lecture: “The Arche”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


So in summary, the philosopher’s stone is the Universal Christic or life giving principle individualised in us and covered with the superior bodies of gold. Breaking this down in steps, the philosopher’s stone is the result of working to incarnate first of all the Universal life giving Christic principle, then working further to purify all the internal bodies of their impurities or egos (psychological “I’s” or vile metals) then finally dressing the already incarnated Christic principle with these purified bodies, which because of their purity they are now gold.

Furthermore the philosopher’s stone undergoes much transformation and can be renewed by being dissolved and then built once again, and when reformed or recreated it emerges stronger than before. Esotericism tells us that this can be done only seven times, because if one does this more than seven times one falls under a curse. The philosopher’s stone is also the Phoenix bird.

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Mercury and Sulphur


Upon reading the Alchemical texts one can become very confused in all the senses (especially intellectually) about what really the sulphur and the Mercury are. We can study Gnosis and come to understand that there are three types of Mercury: the raw mercury, mercury and the mercury fecundated by the Fire (Kundalini). We can also understand that the raw Mercury is the seminal entity and Mercury is the result of transmuting the raw Mercury, though when it comes to what the third type of Mercury is we can become even more puzzled about what sulphur really is.

Alchemy Mercury and Sulphur Image

This article is an attempt to explain the author’s new found clarity on the subject of the Mercury and the Sulphur.

Alchemy Mercury and Sulphur Image

Excerpt from “The Mutus Liber” Speaks by Oscar Uzcategui

“In this second plate we find the beautiful representation of the titanic elements of the alchemical Art. Since antiquity, they have been represented in diverse ways: sometimes as mythological Gods Apollo and Diana , other times, as sacred animals the eagle and the serpent and some other times as planets the Sun and the Moon.

These two elements have been the artifices of the macrocosm and the microcosm. From the Master, Samael Aun Weor, we have heard many times that the universes themselves are the product of the sacred copulation carried out by the Third Logos the Holy Spirit with the Second Logos the Cosmic Womb , by order of the First Logos.

ut, what elements are we talking about? Undoubtedly, of the elements that are in the very depth of all creation. They are the secret sulphur of the sages and the ineffable and immaculate mercury.

Sulphur is the sidereal fire of the authentic Rosicrucians of the Temple of Kumenes, the mercury we find summarized in the spermatic waters that nature has deposited in our sexual glands.

As it is above so is it below, and the macrocosmic nature has also been the product of the union of the sidereal fire with the angelic spermatic water. Nothing has existed and nothing will exist without the help of these two primordial elements.

In our human nature, said fire is the pentecostal fire, named Kundalini or serpent of fire by the Hindus. This fire comes to the alchemist when his secret water has been worked through the sacrament of baptism sexual magic well comprehended.”

Commentary on Excerpt

From this excerpt we can gleam that the Sulphur is two things, it is at its highest level the sacred fire or the Kundalini, which is the fiery power of the Divine Mother. This sulphur we have dormant in us and needs to be awakened and developed. However, we do have here and now within us a type of sulphur which is the sexual fire, or in other more common words, the sexual drive or libido etc. So everyone has some of that, unfortunately what we have more of is the arsenified sulphur which is that sexual fire or sexual drive polarised in and through lust, that is it only works through the mind, through its conditionings and concepts based on sensations and the senses. The arsenified or conditioned fire in us only works when the concepts of our mind are pleased and these concepts are based on sensations, we can not activate that fire using the heart but using the mind with the fantasy of sensations etc.

Also finally it makes sense that of the Sun and the Moon, the Sun and the Moon represent the Sulphur and the Mercury respectively in the macro cosmos, that is the world outside of us and as these principles create we need those same principles inside of ourselves to create, and inside of ourselves they are the sexual fire and the spermatic waters.

Another Excerpt from “The Mutus Liber Speaks”.

“Next, we see the philosophical egg in which the entire Great Work is gestated. Since ancient times, the egg is a sacred symbol. The Egyptian God Ra is born from an egg and we also see Krishna the Hindu Christ with his wife Rada within an egg. Hindu philosophy tells us that the universe has emerged from an immense cosmic egg. The egg is the very womb of Maha Kundalini, where the stars, worlds, Gods, men and beasts gestate. All this has great significance, It is in the egg of transcendental sexuality that the true celestial man in each of us is gestated There, within that hermetic egg, the erotic fire and the seminal mercury are wisely united, thanks to a neutral element constituted by the nitrous salt that exists in our sexual hormonal secretions.

All this is possible thanks to the metaphysical copulation that Gnosis teaches us through the statements made by Master Samael. The erotic fire, united in the act of transmutation, converts the mercury into a vaporous water that rises through the vertebrae or chambers of our vertebral column thanks to a secret channel that traverses them. In India, said channel is denominated Sushumna.

It has been said many times that light surges from darkness, the chaos. This needs to be understood on the microcosmic or human level. We should understand that from the darkness of love devoid of lower passions we take out the Christic light to illuminate our interior world. Light is found, precisely, hidden in our sexual organs. The latter, at the same time, is ready in a discreet manner in the organic machine of the human being. There, at those profundities, one must descend to extract the Light of the Sages.”


Our sexual waters are our chaos and from there we can extract the light. Using our sexual fire we can operate on our waters and cause the waters to simmer and release a vapour which is as Master Samael says the metallic soul of the raw mercury. Our sexual fire seeks the fire or energy latent in our waters and joins with it causing it to rise up our spinal column into our brain and heart.


We can conclude this topic of the Sulphur and the Mercury using the three following points.

What we Actually Have

We have the raw mercury and the sexual fire or sex drive or libido which is a kind of fire, that later needs to be transformed into the sacred fire of the Divine Mother Kundalini.

We Have Sulphur and we Don't

However, a part of that sexual fire that we have is conditioned in lust and a smaller part is free. The Alchemist controls the conditioned fire and uses the free fire to create Mercury and later frees more and more fire that joins with the real Sulphur if the Alchemist has it already awakened.

We Have Mercury and we Don't

We have the raw mercury, the raw sexual energy or the seminal entity, though we need to voluntarily fabricate the mercury which is the transmuted raw sexual energy. We also do not have the mercury which has been fecundated by the real sulphur which creates things such as the solar bodies. Only really this combination of the transmuted raw sexual energy and the Sulphur creates. This third type of Mercury is what crystallises into our inner worlds as new creations and crystallisations.

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