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In this page you will find articles to do with the Absolute, which mysterious orgin of everything and also our authentic origin.

Article 1:What is the Absolute?
Article 2:Why Learn about the Absolute?
Article 3:Where is the Absolute?
Article 4:What is within the Absolute?
Article 5:Ain
Article 6:Ain Soph
Article 7:Ain Soph Aur
Article 8:When Creation Ends it Returns to the Absolute
Article 9:What is it Like in the Absolute?
Article 10:Is the Absolute Light or Darkness?
Article 11:Is the Absolute Chaos?
Article 12:Is the Absolute just Infinite Space?
Article 13:What is the Number of the Absolute?

What is the Absolute?


The Absolute is the answer to question: “where does Divinity, love, consciousness, life and creation all come from?”. The Absolute is the mysterious origin of all these things, yet as Master Samael says, it is that which itself has no origin, that is, no beginning or end. It is something that is beyond creation and beyond life.

What is most relevant for us to take from all this is that, our origin too and our very final destination was and will be the Absolute. The following excerpt by Master Samael describes in more eloquent detail what the Absolute is.


“The Absolute is the Being of all Beings. The Absolute is that which is, has always been, and always will be. It expresses as abstract absolute movement and repose. It is the cause of Spirit and of matter, but is neither one nor the other. The Absolute is beyond the mind; and the mind cannot understand it because what we must do is intuit its nature.

The Absolute is beyond conditioned life. Beyond that which is relative is the Real Being, (He). He is Non-Being because He does not retain any relationship whatsoever with our concepts, but is however, “The Real Being”. Because we do not understand this intellectually, for us all of this is as Non-Being, although it is the Real Being of Being.

To be is better than to exist, and the reason for Being of the Being is the Being itself. Our legitimate existence is in the Absolute, which is a Non- Being; to the human reason a non-existence.

The Absolute is not a God, and is neither a Divine nor human individual; it would be absurd to give form to that which does not have form; it would be nonsensical to attempt to anthropomorphise space.

The Absolute is certainly unconditioned and eternal abstract space, far beyond Gods and men. The Absolute is uncreated Light which casts no shadow anywhere during the profound night of the Great Pralaya.

The Absolute is beyond time, number and measure; beyond weight, chance, beyond form, fire, light and darkness. Nonetheless, it is fire and uncreated light.”

Excerpt from “Tarot and Kabbalah” by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


As Master Samael says the Absolute is that which has no form, no shape, nor dimensions, and is that which can not be counted or weighed. It has no colour, and it is not deep dark space as we know it. It is rather an abstract form of space. Overall, the Absolute is something way beyond anything that we can conceive with our mind, however it is worth knowing about, because if we have come from there, there must be a way for us to know it.

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Why Learn About the Absolute?

Abstract and Impractical Perhaps

Naturally the topic of the Absolute is a very abstract subject, and one that is seemingly impossible to grasp with our mind. After all, how can the finite (our mind) grasp the infinite, impossible! Despite this, commonly we regard the absolute as something so very far away and the study of the Absolute as something impractical. However, from a knowledge point of view, it is very useful to study the Absolute. The following sections describe why.

Origin and Destination

Why is it useful to study the Absolute? An answer is, because the Absolute is the very initial origin and the very final resting point of us all. The Absolute answers those two very fundamental questions that none of us seem to have an answer for: “where have we come from?” and “where are we going?”. We have come from the Absolute and at some point we are going back there. It is our greatest Alpha and Omega.

Alpha and Omega symbols

All Encompassing

The Absolute is the cause of all things and the Absolute encompasses all. There is nothing that is outside of the Absolute. Just as the name suggests, the Absolute is the Absolute, and there is nothing beyond it or greater than it.

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Where is the Absolute?

A Question to Start

We sometimes get the feeling that the Absolute is up there somewhere and we are marooned and cast away from it down here. Is this really true?

Another Question

The previous articles describe the Absolute as being the source of creation, and being something infinite without limits. In some texts it has been described as “an ocean without shores”. So if the Absolute is infinite where then would we locate a finite creation? Would it be inside or outside the Absolute?

An Answer

Thinking a bit about it, we come to the conclusion that we would have to find our limited creation, the same one that we belong to, inside the Absolute. This certainly comes as a surprise, only because we have the idea or concept that the Absolute is something very far away and beyond this world.

Final Question

So then, the next question to ask ourselves would be “do we all then live inside the Absolute?”. Once again if we are located within the Absolute we also live within the Absolute. The interesting point is that we live inside the Absolute but we are not aware of it.

Final Answer

Because we are not aware that we are living in the Absolute we believe that we are actually living outside of it, with us down here and the Absolute is up there. We have never left the Absolute, however because of the dormant state of our consciousness we do not perceive it, our consciousness vibrates at a level which is lower than required to perceive ourselves as living in the Absolute.

Our work is to awaken our consciousness to that level of vibration and happiness so that we can come to realise our presence within the various levels of unfolding of the Absolute in creation.


The tree of life or the levels of unfolding of creation is a staircase for our consciousness to awaken to. Once we arrive at the very top step of the ladder of creation, we are one step away from entering the Absolute. We may be here physically within our body but the vibration of our consciousness is high enough to be able to penetrate into the Absolute. Ultimately it is our consciousness that enter the Absolute not our body.

The Absolute has three subdivisions. Which are the Ain (the Nothingness), the Ain Soph (the Nothingness that expands itself) and the Ain Soph Aur (the Nothingness that expands and concentrates itself). The following diagram shows in a very simple way the relation between the three subdivisions of the Absolute.

The Ain Soph Aur is the place that our finite creation occupies within the Absolute.

Note, article adapted from the original titled “The Absolute and Creation” by Rafael Vargas.

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What is within the Absolute?


What is within the Absolute is a very logical question to ask and surprisingly there is an answer. We are told by very ancient traditions, namely those of the Hebraic Kabbalah and the early Christianity that within the Absolute there are certain subdivisions. Here, Master Samael tells us that the Absolute has three subdivisions.

“In itself, the Absolute has three aspects; Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur. To speak about Ain is difficult because it is the Unmanifested Absolute. Form does not exist in the Absolute, nor figure, nor number, nor weight. When the universe dissolves, only the memory remains in the consciousness of the Gods; and with those memories the universe of Pleroma is formed. If one wanted to take something from there it would not exist, because there are only memories.”

The Three Circles of the Absolute

The Absolute has three aspects: Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur. The following excerpts from Master Samael describe each of these three aspects.

Three Aspects of the Absolute


"Ain, which is the same as Sat in Sanskrit; that is, the Unmanifested Absolute."

Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 49 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Ain Soph

"Ain Soph, the second aspect. This is where a certain manifestation already exists. Here remain all creatures when the Great Pralaya (Cosmic Night) arrives, because they do not have the right to penetrate Ain, or Unmanifested Absolute which is beyond thought, the Verb, the atom, sound, beyond all that has form, number, weight, etc."

Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 49 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Ain Soph Aur

"Ain Soph Aur, the third aspect in accordance with the Hebraic Kabalah, to be found here is the First Cosmos, the purely spiritual Protocosmos, the Solar Absolute formed by multiple Spiritual Suns."

Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 49 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


The Absolute is not as we would imagine it to be, that is one continuous stretch of infinitely vast and enlightening space, but rather it has three aspects or three depths to it, each with their different degrees of profundity.

This then means that there are degrees and degrees of penetration into the Absolute, which also means that there are degrees and degrees of learning and evolution within the Absolute. Which is something that really shocks us, we may think that once a being enters the Absolute, his or her learning ceases. It seems though that this is not the case.

Subsequent articles will expound more upon the qualities of each of the three aspects of the Absolute.

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This article provides an excerpt by the V.M Samael Aun Weor describing the inner most aspect of the Absolute. It is very tempting to use the words area, section or zone instead of aspect, but because the absolute is space and it is not space. That is space, in the way that creation is part of it and there is space in creation, but also because the Absolute is beyond measurement, form and boundaries which always define an area, a section and a zone.

However, this article describes the Ain the inner most aspect of the Absolute. The main point being that Ain is beyond what has been created, so it is beyond form and any kind of manifestation.

Excerpt - Ain

“Abstract Space is the Causa Causorum of all that is, has been and will be. Profound and joyful space is certainly the incomprehensible “Seity”, the ineffable mystic root of the seven Cosmos, the mysterious origin of all that we know as spirit, matter, universes, suns, worlds, etc.

“That”, the Divine, the space of happiness, is a tremendous reality beyond the universe and the Gods. “That” has no dimension whatsoever, and truly is that which will always be and has been; it is the life which palpitates intensely in each atom and each sun.

Let us now speak of the great ocean of the Spirit - how can it be defined? It is certainly Brahama, the first differentiation or modification of “That” before which Gods and men tremble.

Is “That” spirit? In truth I say to you that it is not. Is “That” matter? I say to you that it certainly is not.

“That” is the root of spirit and of matter, but is neither one nor the other. “That” transcends the laws of number, measure and weight, surface area, quantity quality, in front, behind, above, below, etc.

“That” is the immutable in profound divine abstraction, Light which has never been created by any God, nor by any man, that which does not have name. Brahama is spirit, but “That” is not spirit. Ain, the unmanifested, is uncreated Light.

The Absolute is life free in its movement, is the supreme reality; is abstract space which only expresses as absolute abstract movement, limitless happiness, total omniscience.

The Absolute is uncreated Light and perfect plenitude, absolute happiness, life free in its movement, life with out conditions, without limits.

In the Absolute we pass beyond karma and the Gods; beyond the Law.

The mind and individual consciousness only serve to cause distress in life. In the Absolute we do not have mind nor individual consciousness.

There, we are unconditioned being, free and absolutely happy.

The Absolute is life free in its movement, without conditions, without limitations, without the mortifying fear of the Law; life beyond spirit and matter, beyond karma and suffering.

The Absolute is Absolute Abstract Space, Absolute Abstract Movement, Absolute Liberty without conditions, without reservations, Absolute Omniscience and Absolute Happiness.

We have to put an end to the action of the “I” to enter the Absolute. The human “I” must enter the house of the dead; must go to the communal grave of the astral remains. It must be disintegrated in the abyss so that the Being may be born filled with majesty and power.

It is only impersonal life and the Being which may give us the rightful happiness of the Great Life, free in its movement.

To do battle, to struggle, to suffer, to finally liberate oneself, to be lost like a glistening droplet in the ocean of uncreated Light is, without doubt, the greatest yearning.

Before entering the Absolute one must prepare oneself in the region of Atala; here the beings are colourless, here lives a man who was not able to enter the Absolute because he invented the words Good and Evil in place of using the words Evolutive and Involutive, and so created karma.

Humanity has been adversely affected by these two words. It is said of everything that “that is Bad” or “that is Good”, and thus, all that which invites us to study the Internal Values is brought to a standstill. For this reason, that Holy Man is waiting.

We need to help people to exchange these two words for Evolutive and Involutive. In the bosom of the Absolute there exists a great exaltation. The Paramarthasattyas are little by little exalted, and pass far beyond any possible comprehension.”

Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 50 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


Contrary to our thoughts, Ain where there is nothing of manifestation or creation, or form or measurement or colour but only the Great Life and uncreated light, there is great happiness. Obviously once again this is for the consciousness and the spirit in us. Our mind being so attached to the things of this Earthly life can not conceive of happiness without the many forms of entertainment we have in our current life. However for the consciousness the Ain is great freedom and happiness far from the laws, restrictions and pains of creation.

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Ain Soph


This article provides an excerpt by the V.M Samael Aun Weor describing the second inner most aspect of the Absolute, Ain Soph. The essential characteristic of this aspect of the Absolute is that from it emanates creation, and to it also withdraws creation. We may as V.M Samael says find the origin of our very Being there. That is our very spiritual origin lies there.

Excerpt - Ain Soph

“All creation emanates from Ain Soph, but creation is not equal either in essence or in power to Ain Soph. Ain Soph, through its divine, uncreated Light radiates from itself an intelligence, a power, which although it originally partook of the perfection and boundlessness of its Credo in having derived from Him, has a finite aspect. The Kabalah calls this first spiritual emanation of Ain Soph the ineffable Ancient of Days, which is the Being of our Being; the Father and Mother in us.

Ain Soph, not being able to express in the limited physical plane, ex presses by means of its “Ten Sephiroth”.

In Ain Soph there exists a strange evolution which neither the Gods nor men know.

Beyond the Intimus is the Logos, or Christ. Beyond the ineffable Ancient of Days is Ain Soph or the Absolute. Its exhalation is called the Cosmic Day (Mahamanvantara), the inhalation, Cosmic Night (Great Pralaya).

During the Cosmic Night the universe disintegrates in Ain Soph, and only exists in its mind and in that of its Gods. That, however, which exists in the mind of Him, and in the mind of Them, is objective in Absolute Abstract Space.

Before the blazing heart of the Solar System of Ors in which we live, move and have our Being began to intensely palpitate after the Great Pralaya, time did not exist, but lay sleeping within the profound bosom of Absolute Abstract Space.

If, at the end of the Mahamanvantara, the seven basic dimensions of the universe are reduced to a simple mathematical point, which becomes lost like a drop in the great Ocean, it is clear that then time ceases to exist.

Worlds like men, animals and plants are born, grow, age and die. All which breathes beneath the sun has a defined time.

Ancient wisdom says that Brahama, the Father, the Ocean of the Universal Spirit of Life, upon the arrival of the Great Night (that which the Hindu call Pralaya, or the dissolution of the universe) submerges Himself within Absolute Abstract Space for 7 Eternities.

The 7 Eternities signify “Æva”, or periods of time which are totally defined, clear and precise.”

Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 51 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


When creation ceases we will all withdraw to the Ain Soph, where creation will only exist in the memory of those who lived in it and those who witnessed it. We have a very spiritual part of ourselves dwelling in that aspect of the absolute here and now. How eventual goal is to find it one day, and to know it and to fuse with it.

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Ain Soph Aur


This article provides an excerpt by the V.M Samael Aun Weor describing the third inner (outermost) most aspect of the Absolute, Ain Soph. The essential characteristic of this aspect of the Absolute is that it is already the first order of creation. It is a very spiritual order or level of creation which has also been called the Sacred Solar Absolute. Because within it are all the spiritual suns that by their link to the source of all life within the Absolute, irradiate the life force and vitality to the orders of creation that they govern.

Excerpt – Ain Soph Aur

“Each universe of infinite space possesses its own Central Sun, and the sum of all these Spiritual Suns constitutes Ain Soph Aur, the Protocosmos, the Solar Absolute.

The Solar Absolute is formed of multiple transcendental, divine Spiritual Suns.

The emanation of our “Omnimerciful and Sacred Solar Absolute” is that which Helen P. Blavatsky calls “The Great Breath” to itself, profoundly unknown...

Much has been spoken about the Sacred Absolute Sun, and obviously, every solar system is governed by one of these Spiritual Suns. They are really extraordinary sparkling Spiritual Suns having infinite splendour in space. They are radiant spheres which are never able to be perceived by the astronomers with their telescopes.

This means that our system of worlds has its own Sacred Absolute Sun, the same as all of the other solar systems in unalterable space.

The Protocosmos, or first cosmos is infinitely divine, ineffable. In it there does not exist any mechanical principle, it is governed by the One Law. If we reflect profoundly about the Solar Absolute, we will see that there exists beyond, the most complete freedom, absolute happiness, because everything is governed by the One Law.

Unquestionably, in the Sacred Solar Absolute, in the central Spiritual Sun of this system in which we live, move, and have our Being, there exists no mechanicity whatsoever, and therefore it is obvious that there reigns there the most complete blessedness.

Obviously in the central Spiritual Sun governed by the One Law, there exists the unchangeable happiness of the Eternal Living God. Unfortunately, as we distance ourselves more and more from the Sacred Absolute Sun, we enter more and more complicated worlds where automatism, mechanicity and pain enters into things.

Obviously in the second cosmos of three Laws, the Ayocosmos (planets, suns, firmaments), the joy is incomparable because materialism is less. Any atom in that region possesses in its internal nature only three atoms of the Absolute.

How different is the third cosmos, the Macrocosmos (our Galaxy, the Milky Way), governed by six Laws. Here materialism increases because any one of its atoms possesses internally, six atoms of the Absolute.

We penetrate the fourth cosmos, the Deuterocosmos (our solar system) governed by twelve Laws. Here we find that matter is much denser due to the concrete fact that any one of its atoms contains twelve atoms of the Absolute.

If we carefully examine the fifth cosmos, the Mesocosmos (the planet Earth) governed by twenty four Laws, we will see that any one of its atoms possesses in its intimate nature, twenty four atoms of the Absolute.

We may study in detail the sixth cosmos, the Microcosmos (man) governed by forty eight Laws, and we will find that in any atom of the human organism, perceived by means of Divine Clairvoyance, there are forty eight atoms of the Absolute.

We may go a little lower and we will enter the realm of the most crude materialism, the seventh cosmos, the Tritocosmos, the infernal worlds beneath the crust of the planet in which we live, which is governed by ninety six Laws. We will discover that in the first infradimensional zone the density has increased frightfully because in its intimate nature, there are ninety six atoms of the Absolute.

In the second infernal zone each atom possesses one hundred and ninety two atoms of the Absolute. In the third zone, each atom possesses in its interior three hundred and eighty four atoms of the Absolute, etc., etc., etc., the materialism thus increasing in a frightening and terrifying manner.

Upon submerging ourselves within Laws which are more and more complex, we obviously progressively make ourselves more and more independent of the Will of the Absolute and we fall into the mechanical complication of this great Nature. If we wish to reconquer freedom, we must free ourselves of such mechanicity and such Laws and return to the Father.

Ostensibly, we must struggle in a tireless manner to liberate ourselves from the 48, 24, 12, 6 and 3 Laws in order to really return to the Sacred Absolute Sun of our system.”

Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 52 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


Quite a large excerpt was provided here, however it was done to impress upon you the reader the point that the Ain Soph Aur is both an order of creation and a part of the Absolute, which is entirely spiritual. We most certainly would not be able to see it with any telescope. However it is there and in it is our sacred Absolute Sun that guides and supplies our Solar system with the life force and light that it needs to maintain itself and evolve in creation.

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When Creation Ends, it Returns to the Absolute


This, for someone new to the esoteric teachings is something amazing. To hear that creation actually ends and that it has ended before. This really mystifies the student. However, it is opens one up to the greater picture of life and creation. It shows us our very greater destiny or future.


“When the profound night of the creators of this Solar System comes, they will be absorbed in the bosom of the Absolute. A group of moons will remain; the planets, the Sun, the Earth, and life will have disappeared along with the virginal sparks. To each of us corresponds a virginal spark, to each living creature there corresponds a virginal spark, and these will be absorbed in the Absolute for 7 Eternities.

If we observe Selene (our Moon) we will see that it is a cadaver. It had a rich life, seas and volcanoes. There are other moons which orbit around Mars, Saturn, etc., which once had life. In the past Mahamanvantara which was a Padma, or Golden Lotus, the Moon had a humanity, seven races, and died.

Before the dawn of the Mahamanvantara, the universe slept in terrible darkness.

At the beginning or dawn of each universe, the eternal Black Light, or Absolute Darkness becomes Chaos.”

Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 51 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


We can only conclude after reading this short excerpt that our current will end and be absorbed by the Absolute once again. Creation has been absorbed before and will continue being absorbed. How many times has creation been absorbed before? A question that I think only the most Ancient of Gods with the most ancient of memories can answer.

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What is it Like Inside the Absolute?


One of the most common questions on our mind is what is it like inside of the Absolute? If we are one day going to leave the existence that we have now and enter the Absolute, “what will it be like inside the Absolute?” becomes a very important question.

The answer to this question is not as many would expect. The important thing to take into account is that the day when we enter the Absolute we will not be in the same state of consciousness as we are in now. We will enter as pure consciousness without mind, and obviously we will be very prepared for that entrance.

Here below is an excerpt explaining what it would be like to enter the Absolute as we are now.


“If we were to place ourselves there we would see nothing more than an abyss and profound darkness. For the inhabitants of the Absolute (the Paramarthasattyas) however, that darkness is Uncreated Light, made neither by man nor by God, where reigns inexhaustible happiness, inconceivable joy.”

Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 51 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


So right now as we are, the absolute would be terrifying (just so dark) but with preparation and the consciousness it would be inexhaustible happiness and inconceivable joy.

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Is the Absolute Light or Darkness?


Having read the previous articles one may come to the conclusion that the Absolute is darkness. However, as the following excerpt indicates to us, darkness and light are very relative. In some ways, yes the Absolute is darkness but in many other ways it is light.


“Darkness is in itself Father-Mother; the Light, their Son so says ancient wisdom.

Clearly, the Uncreated Light has an unknown origin, absolutely unknown to us.

We are in no manner exaggerating if we put emphasis on the idea that such origin is Darkness.

We may speak now of the borrowed, cosmic, secondary light; obviously whatever its origin, and beautiful though it may be, it has at root, a transitory nature, illusory, of Maya.

The ineffable Profound Darkness forms then the Eternal Womb, within which the origins of the light appear and disappear.

It is said that the Absolute is darkness, from the darkness comes the light. The Uncreated Light of the Absolute comes from the profound darkness of the Great Night; from that darkness which does not have light springs forth the Uncreated Light. If we were to place ourselves there we would see nothing more than an abyss and profound darkness. For the inhabitants of the Absolute (the Parama rthasattyas) however, that darkness is Uncreated Light, made neither by man nor by God, where reigns inexhaustible happiness, inconceivable joy.

There exist tremendous geniuses of evil like Belial, Bael, Moloch, etc., terrible Masters.

Knowing that the light comes from the darkness, they hurled themselves to the Abyss, even though knowing that they would involute. From the Abyss comes the Light, due to this we must descend to the darkness to destroy the “I”, Satan, so as to extract the light from the darkness.

By means of the fire the Gods arise from the Abyss and become lost in the Absolute.

Light and darkness are phenomena of the same Noumenon, unknown, profound, inconceivable to reason.

That we may more or less perceive the light which shines in the darkness is something which depends upon our power of spiritual vision. The Absolute is profound darkness to the human eye; and Uncreated and terrible Light to the ineffable hierarchy of the Paramarthasattyas.

“That which for us is light, is darkness to certain insects; and the spiritual eye sees illumination where the normal eye only perceives darkness...”

The universe submerged in the Pralaya after the Mahamanvantara, dissolved in its primordial element, has no choice other than to rest in the profound darkness of infinite space.

It is urgent to understand deeply the profound mystery of the chaotic darkness.

The Cosmos comes from Chaos and from the darkness springs forth the Light; let us pray profoundly.

In all of the sacred books of the world it is written with words of fire that the Chaos is the seedbed of the Cosmos.”

Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 51 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


The Absolute is only darkness to our mind, but to our consciousness and spirit it is not. The light comes from the darkness, this is certainly true, even within us, within our particular universe. When we have the unknown in us, that is in our psychology and inner constitution and we shed the light of our awareness on it, it becomes known and darkness is transformed into light. When we concentrate and carefully observe that which has come to be known, the known is converted into comprehension and then the light renews itself and spreads, fulfilling the principle that light makes light and more light, never can light make darkness but from darkness can come light.

Essentially, darkness is the absence of light, and we can not have darkness if we do not have light. So then the uncreated light is the light that has not entered into creation, and in creation is there is certainly light and darkness, however in the Absolute which is beyond duality there must only be the uncreated light. Where there is only one thing there can not be the opposite, so in the Absolute there can only be uncreated light, which to the consciousness is light, but to our mind it is darkness.

There is also a superior type of darkness and this is what the Absolute is. This superior type of darkness is the darkness of what we do not know. In itself it is light but for us it is darkness because our light can not extended or penetrate deep enough for us to be able to perceive it. The darkness of the Absolute is certainly not the darkness of hell or of evil, but of a superior kind – that is more the darkness of the unknown.

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Is the Absolute Chaos?


This is an interesting question to the human being, one that when we search inside ourselves for an answer we find that we can accept that the Absolute has something to do with chaos because it is the origin of everything, yet something in us does not like that it is chaos, because chaos implies disorder and randomness and an absence of intelligence.

This excerpt from V.M Samael Aun Weor nicely clears this up for us.


“The Cosmos comes from Chaos and from the darkness springs forth the Light; let us pray profoundly.

In all of the sacred books of the world it is written with words of fire that the Chaos is the seedbed of the Cosmos.

The Nothing, Chaos, is clearly, without the slightest doubt, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end of all worlds which live and palpitate in the unalterable infinite.

In the Brahmin Aitareya, the magistral and precious lesson of the Rig Veda, the tremendous similarity between those enlightened ideas of the Brahmin and those of the Pythagoreans is clearly demonstrated time and again because the one, as the other, is based in mathematics. In the abovementioned Hindu work the Black Fire, Dark Abstract Wisdom, Absolute Light, unconditioned and without name is frequently alluded to.

That Abstract Seity, the primitive Zero-Aster of the Parsis, the Nothing saturated with life, That. That. That...

God Himself, that is to say, the Army of the Voice, the Verb, the Great Word, is dead when the Great Pralaya, the Cosmic Night comes; and is reborn, most divine at the dawn of the divine Mahamanvantara.

The Absolute Radical Zero of transcendental arithmetic, abstract space in geometry, the unknowable Seity (not to be confused with the Deity, which is different), is not born, nor dies, nor reincarnates.

From all that unknowable, or Radical Zero, emanates at the beginning of any sidereal universe, the Pythagorean Monad, the Gnostic Father-Mother, the Hindu Purusha-Prakriti, the Egyptian Osiris-Isis, the kabalistic Dual Protocosmos or Adam-Kadmon, the Theos-Chaos of the theogony of Hesiod, the Chaldean Uranus, or Fire and Water, the Semite lod-Heve, the Parsi Zeru-Ama the One and Only, the Buddhist Aunadad Ad, the Rauch Elohim or Divine Spirit of the Lord floating above the waters of the first moment of Genesis.”

Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 51 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


The real key to it all is in the words “seedbed of the Cosmos”. Because in the seed is enclosed all the powers and intelligence for creation to burst forth. Creation is just the unfolding of the principles and powers latent in the seed. The Absolute is not creation and so it must be the seed or contain the seeds of creation, and enclosed in those seeds is order, intelligence and the great powers of life.

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Is the Absolute just Infinite Space?


When trying to understand what the Absolute is, we often think of it as being related to space, however this is not completely true. We tend to think that the Absolute is the sum of all the deep black space that all the planets, stars, suns and moons are suspended in. However, the Absolute Master Samael says is not that deep dark space that we see up in the sky at night but rather an abstract form of space. The following excerpt from Master Samael expounds upon this.


“The Abstract Absolute Space is the causa causorum of everything that is, has been, and shall be. The profound and joyful space is certainly the incomprehensible “Seity,” which is the ineffable, mystical root of the seven cosmos. It is the mysterious origin of all that we know as Spirit, matter, universes, suns, worlds, etc.

“That,” which is divine, the space of happiness, is the tremendous reality beyond the universe and Gods. “That” has no dimension, yet indeed, it is what its, what always has been, and what always will be. It is the life that intensely palpitates within each atom and within each sun.

Let us now refer to the great ocean of the Spirit: how can we define it?

Certainly, He is Brahma, who is the first differentiation or modification of “That.” The Gods and humans tremble when before “That.”

Is “That” Spirit? Indeed I tell you that it is not. Is “That” matter? Truly, I tell you that it is not.

“That” is the root of the Spirit and of matter, yet it is neither Spirit nor matter.

“That” transcends the laws of number, measurement, and weight, it transcends surface area, quantity, quality, front, behind, above, below, etc.

“That” has reality beyond thought, word, and action. “That” is not of time and it is beyond silence and sound, even beyond the ears to perceive it. “That” is the immutable within a profound, divine abstraction. It is light that has never been created by any God, nor by any human. “That” is what has no name.

Brahma is Spirit; yet “That” is not Spirit. The Absolute, the Unmanifested One, is uncreated light.

Where was the raw matter of the Great Work? It is evident that it was reposing before the down of creation within the profound bosom of the Abstract Absolute Space. Indeed, the primordial mater becomes like the soul of the Unique One, the living noumenon of any substance. It is an undifferentiated Cosmic Matter. Ancient wisdom states that when the Great Night (which is what the Hindus call Pralaya or dissolution of the universe) arrives, then Brahma, the Father, the Ocean of the Universal Sprit of Life, submerges Himself within the Absolute Abstract Space for seven eternities.

The seven eternities signify “Æva” or totally defined, clear, and precise periods of time.”

Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 50 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.


So then the Absolute is not space as we know, certainly not three dimensional space or that vast blackness that we see when we look into the night sky. Nor is it four, five, six or seven dimensional space. It is abstract space. A kind of space that does not exist in creation yet exists in some other way. And that other way is not known to us, it is not in our, mind nor in the mind of the Gods or angels but in another way. Sorry to have to leave you with an open ended conclusion, though we can conclude here that the Absolute is not space as we know it or understand it to be, and the reason why that is, is because the space that we know and conceive belongs to creation.

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What is the Number of the Absolute?


As a brief answer the number of the Absolute is 13, named after the thirteenth aeon. This article using various excerpts will explain why the Absolute’s number is 13.

The main reason being that the Absolute encompasses all and the number thirteen as you will see through the excerpts presented in this article, also contains everything.

Excerpt 1

“The Ten Sephiroths or emanations, plus the AIN SOPH AUR and the AIN SOPH are, in reality, the Twelve Aeons.

The Twelve Aeons are, in reality, Twelve Regions.

The Thirteenth Aeon is terribly Divine.”

13 Aeons Image

Excerpt from the book: “Pistis Sophia Unveiled”, Chapter 28 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 2

“The Thirteenth Aeon reminds us of the Thirteen Heavens of the Aztecs or Nahuas from ancient Mexico.

There also exists Thirteen Katuns among the Mayas of Yucatan, Palenque, and Central America in general.

These are the Thirteen prophetic Katuns, Thirteen periods of time for each human race.

Obviously, the prophecies for each one of the past Katuns of our Arian race were exactly fulfilled.

Actually, we are approaching the Thirteenth Katun.

The Mayas say that between the years 2040 and 2043, the Thirteenth Katun will enter into activity.

The great catastrophe that will destroy the actual Humanity that lives in the five continents of the world will occur during the Thirteenth Katun.

Our Solar System has n worlds, which are as follows: Earth, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Vulcan, Persephone and Clarion.

The Thirteen Katuns, the Thirteen Worlds, the Thirteen Heavens of Anahuac keep the relation with the Thirteen Sephiroths of the Hebraic Kabbala as follows: Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur.

Kether, Chokmah, Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, Jesod, Malkuth.

These are the Thirteen Aeons or Suprasensible Atomic Regions, which are mutually penetrating and co-penetrating without being confused.

Beyond these Thirteen Aeons, is the Unmanifested Absolute.”

Excerpt from the book: “Pistis Sophia Unveiled”, Chapter 29 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt 3

“The Gnostics divide the Universe into thirteen Aeons. An Aeon is a dimension; a dimension that contains its own space, time and matter, therefore there are thirteen Aeons. So that we can understand this better, they divide those thirteen Aeons into a First Space and a Second Space.

The First Space is where the thirteenth Aeon is found. The Second Space is where the rest of the Aeons are contained, which are the twelfth, eleventh, tenth, ninth, eighth, seventh, sixth, fifth, fourth, third, second and first. Second Space is from top to bottom, from twelve to one. Therefore the thirteenth Aeon is found in the First Space, and the rest of the Aeons are in the Second Space.

These two spaces are important, and we should not confuse them with the Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur of the Kabalah, the three circles of the Absolute. Let us leave this aside for a moment, because they are two different subject matters, although it is true that the First Space, where the thirteenth Aeon is, directly connects to the Kabalistic Ain, that is certain, but we are not trying to place the rest in the other circles of the Absolute now, mainly not to confuse the student. We can certainly establish a relationship, but we prefer not to do this here so to study this completely separately.

I repeat, First Space, Thirteenth Aeon; Second Space, the rest of the Aeons. Beyond Second Space, where Aeons twelve to one are, is found what is called the abyss, hell.”

Excerpt from the document: “Pistis Sophia”, by Rafael Vargas.

Excerpt 4

“Thirteen is a very complete and representative number, in that it is the universe, personal and external, as a single universe. If we understand this and above all if we draw it on the blackboard, the student begins to put it into context. It will seem like all of this is external to him, but we tell him, it is not external to you, it is part of you.

It could be said that the thirteen Aeons within us are all the intimate aspects of the human being. Let us begin with number one which is the physical aspect; two, the vital aspect; three, the astral; four, the mental; five, the Human Soul where will is also contained; six the Buddhic Body or Geburah; seven, the Intimate, Chesed; eight, the Holy Spirit; nine, the Christ; ten, the Elder of the Days. Towards within, the third circle, the second circle and first circle of the Absolute.All of this forms part of each one of us. The physical energy, the etheric energy, the astral or emotional energy, the mental energy, the energy of will, the energy of the consciousness, the energy of Pure Spirit which is a high frequency, and the energy divided into three parts which is the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All of this is contained within a human being, but furthermore it is contained within a tree, because a tree is physical, etheric, astral, mental, it has will, consciousness, spirit, and so on. Everything that exists, exists in thirteen ways, in thirteen vibrations, thirteen levels of matter and Spirit. Therefore this is directly connected to our psychology, our physical and energetic behaviour. Energy is moved by our character, our way of being, sometimes with serenity and sweetness, other times with wrath and violence; emotional energies, energies of thoughts, of preoccupations, or on the contrary, of positive imagination. The energy of ill will, the energy of good will, the will of the Father, and so forth in a scale of thirteen values, which correspond not only with the dimensions but also with aspects of our own psychology, soul and spirit.”

Excerpt from the document: “Pistis Sophia”, by Rafael Vargas.


Thirteen is indeed a very mysterious and magical number and as the excerpts in this article suggest it is a very complete number, because in it, is contained the whole of the universe outside of ourselves and also inside of ourselves.

The excerpts show how the number thirteen has set up creation and also governs creation. The thirteen Katuns, the thirteen planets and the twelve dimensions plus the Ain really map out all of creation, and furthermore as above below, we also have the thirteen working inside of us, that is in our Being.

So as the Absolute encompasses all of creation and the all of creation is the number 13, then a number for the Absolute is 13.

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